Apple iPhone 6: specs, release date and all you want to know


Its going to be the master, its going to be the huge success, it will not be a simply smartphone it will going to be the father of all smart phones!! Yes these are some of the introductory phrases which are awarded to the upcoming model of Apple’s  iPhones that is iPhone 6.

Apple products have always been appreciated on their quality control which is always kept in a control of their huge team of experts this is the reason why iPhone 5 was snatched up by the millions of people just after the one weekend of its launch. Now the people are waiting for its new version that is iPhone 6 some names it as a father of all, some says the super smartphone, some says it will finish the need of any other smart phone forever, some says it will be the last one of iPhones but the daily users of smart phones are bit aware with a reality that what going to be happen regarding this new model.

iPhone 6 Specs (Rumors)

People around the world nowadays are making their guesses that what certain configurations would be that will make iPhone 6 such stronger enough from others. Guesses about iPhone 6’s possible features are like this:

  •  OS: iOS 7
  • Display: 4-inch IPS variant with a resolution of 1917×1080 pixels
  • Design: Identical to iPhone 5
  • Processor: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A15
  • LTE: Yes
  • Camera: 12-megapixel

Many companies offer Apple to use larger screen for iPhones but they are stick to 4-inches screen as they say that they want their users to use the phone only with one hand. The design of new iPhone is much likely of iPhone 5 but it could be completely of strong aluminum structure and of rectangular shape scratch less body latest processor used by any smart phone yet and highly innovative operating system iOS 7 which will indorse all the usage of any smart phone user.

iPhone 6 ‘Concept’

One new word introduced for iPhone 6 is “concept “which the innovative minds are thinking that it could be of some new conceptual applications which would definitely result in positive for the users of iPhone in all the sectors of the world.

iPhone 6 concept also contains led battery level indicator which is a simple technology yet not used in any smartphone yet. So yes the “concept” would be the correct word for it because some of the simple configurations are also used in really thoughtful manner.

Youthful iPhone

iPhone has one more positive factor of its market that whenever Apple launches its new iPhone its not only for the mature business community but it also has something new regarding teenagers some of its gaming applications its browsing capabilities all of such facts makes it a loveable friendly usage gadget for all.

Release Date

Now when it’ll be in markets?? Yes this is question whose answer is needed for the people who could not control their eagerness of use this fantastic and most advanced and commendable work of technology.

Some of the reports says it will be launched in June this year as most of the generations of iPhones were launched every year in June and some says it will be much soon that is in march this year so as always one thing is clear that iPhone 6 concept will be the great success of Apple again likely of their later models and this time nobody would be able to stand in market in front of iPhone 6 concept lets what and watch what it comes with and will it become the master of all smart phones or not time will answer these crisps.