Rehman Malik terms Tahir-ul-Qadri as biggest liar


Islamabad: Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has termed Tehrik-i-Minhajul Qurran (TMQ) Founder Tahir-ul-Qadri a biggest liar saying Qadri turned “Sheikhul Islam” with the help of false dreams.

Talking to media on Islamabad on Sunday, Malik asked Qadri either to proof his accusation regarding filling of explosives in rifle pits in the capital our go back to Canada where his foreign masters for him.

He alleged that Qadri for suddenly coming Pakistan to become unconstitutional prime minister.

The interior minister said that Qadri’s real face had been revealed to people of the country, adding that the TMQ founder should get mental treatment.

He said that Tahir-ul-Qadri should stop initiating propaganda against the federal and the Punjab government.


  1. There is no shadow of doubt that Tahirul Qaderi is a big liar.I’ve seen his cassette and videos, which clearly show that he lies. I don’t know from where he got the title of “Sheikhul Islam”. He impresses the people by his false dreams about prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him). He was badly reprimanded by a judge of Lahore Hight Court in a false accusation case and the judge declared him as liar.He thinks himself more than Imam Abu Hanifa.He looks very proud and wicked which is against the basic principles of Islam.

  2. The Long March is saying by itself who is saying Truth and who is Lying! Whoever is part of this corrupt system is very very upset with this Long March, why?! Because they are looters, robbers of the Pakistani Nation.. They stole everything but now Nation is asking its Rights back!

  3. Did not Mr Rehman Malick lie and produce false papers concerning his dual nationality.
    Rehman Malick should be floged for lying and making false acusations against a innocent man   

  4. Rehman Malick is a dog of Zardari.
    He is known by all Pakistanis as himself being the biggest liar .
    Rehman Malick should be stripped and made to clean the streets of Karachi with his dirty foul mouth tongue.
    We Pakistanis in London cant wait to get our hands on Rehman Malick

    • I agree with Naeem.But go further. Not only Rehman Malick but his boss ZArdari and the rest of the shamefull PPP should be made clean the dirty streets of Pakistan while ordinary Pakistanis throw garbage at them 

  5. You can Target Abdul rehman Malik. because of his False statement given in past. and disagree him. But Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri is also a Lier. so both are from same House. 😀

  6. Dr. Qadri has taken the Corrupt politicians by surprise. Rehman Malik’s is generally very calm and composed but his current statement shows how panic he (and his government) is.

  7. Rahman malik is notorious for his lies and has backed several of his statements like the one about India. He always claims to have confirm information of terroristic attacks but has never yielded any result of arresting any one either before or after the attacks. Since he is habitual of lies he thinks others the same.

  8. Rehman Malik is a big liar of Pakistan, all the nation know. He has already lost his dignity when he did not recite Sura Akhlas, and wad humiliated by the whole Muslim of the world. Who can believe that Rehman Malik is a Muslim. No he is not Muslim. Dr. Tarhirulqadri is fighting for the nation cause. He is so great that this Govt. can not purchase his shoe even by million and billion of money. Zinda bad Tahriul Qadri, Whole nation is with you.

  9. Rehman Malik’s comments seems like he is badly stung and is lashing out. This is the only way anyone will ever hear the nutcase. Look at what is happening in Islamabad, the injustice of the gvt, filling water tanks with acid. Do the leaders want their nation to die? Forget Dr Qadri’s march look at Quetta. The people have been sat there in conditions of -4 degrees and the leaders of this country have ignored it. To make matters worse, the leader of that province has been found relaxing in Dubai whilst his people demand change. The people of Quetta themselves have rang Dr Qadri and asked him for change, saying that he is their only solution. So there must be something to make Pakistanis believe that Dr Sb is Pakistan’s way out. Rehman Malik is a man who less thank a week ago was publicly exposed as a liar by TTP. He needs to watch his mouth because everytime he talks, that nose of his keeps getting longer #Pinnochio.

  10. TUQ has clearly said that he did not want to be the care taking PM nor did he want to participate to the next elections, so it is clear tat he has not got such ambitions. If he was thursty of money, then he would accepted to meet Chaudhry bradraans with riaz malik, but he refused so it is also clear that he has no financial ambition. And as Muslims, we should at least accept one’s oath, that’s the minimum. Rehman Malik does take oaths, ask him and his cabinet to do so, to say that TUQ is wrong through a pledge…they will never do so. And another thing, instead of participating in character assassination, u should look at what he is saying and criticise his agenda if u can so, otherwie just keep quiet!!

  11. Rehman Malik is fuming with anger after his dirty tactics to stop Dr.Tahir ul Qadri were a flop. Hence he is spewing whatever nonsense that comes from his mouth. His days are numbered he is a servant of Zardari and he knows if the march is successful and millions enter Islamabad he is going to lose his paycheck earned in return of blood of the innocents. There is nothing unconstitutional or undemocratic about what Dr.Tahir ul Qadri is doing if it was then the petition that were sent to the court to stop him would have been rejected. No one can point a single fault in his agenda. Even Sheikh Rasheed is announcing to the public on news media to join the long march. I have never understood Rehman Malik’s self-contradictory talks and I don’t think I  ever will and the fact someone like Rehman Malik is spewing nonsense about Dr.Tahir ul Qadri makes my conviction stronger that the government is scared and pathetic and will not be able to stop this march in any way. 

  12. And I may be wrong- but i havent heard rehman malik say the above in any reports, so b4 commenting etc. please confirm ure sources – It is in Hadith Sharif, (words to the effect) It is enough for a person to be called a liar, if he says something/spreads it without confirming it….

  13. Brother who said: Shaitan in stead of Rehman- please stay in your sences unlike these corrupt politicians, Rehman is one of the names of Allah SWT … they want you to become violent/ abusiuve … As for Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri- It’s fardh on us to believe his OATH taken – the oath regarding shafa’at he has taken … so untill u hav evidence that he is wrong person as Muslims its our duty 2 take part in this March and rid the country of such ppl -not mentioning names. And disregarding the oath MAY put ure Iman at risk untill u have evidence to disprove- not accusations but evidence-


  14. LOL. Rehman Malik, a big liar himself is calling someone else a liar, how ironic is that!
    Dr. Qadri has not lied in his statements. Instead, he has taken a firm stand. he is not for sale like most politicians of pakistan including rehman malik. Zardari thought that he could buy Dr. Qadri though Malik Riaz. But Dr. Qadri brought him to his senses by saying that he cannot even pay for his shoe. Dr. Qadri is a priceless asset who has stood up for the lower masses of Pakistan who have been getting robbed and exploited for the last five years. 

  15. Qadri seems a new addition of liars in Pakistan Politics. Good luck Qadri, become the future Zardari of pakisatn and bring the prosperity, justice, and peace for poor public of pakisatn same like zardari. Pakistani awam ko aik aour jhoota mubarak ho.

      • Mr Rehan how much do you get paid to defend Mr. Qadri Canadain? He misinterprets Quran and invents hadiths to make his Western Masters happy. Go and watch his videos on youtube. He is an absolute shame for muslim Ummah. Don’t be a fool and stop defending this culprit.

        • Do not forget he is a pakistani by ethnicity and origin and then he got nationality of Canada – He hasn’t left pakistani nationality and the reasons given of getting the 2nd nationality are more than satisfactory

           — besides everything, if he has taken an oath of Shaf’at (intercession) are u not a Muslims? Has that not even affected you one bit??? What more can a Muslim give up? nothing, he says no west is behind him…. and his oath taken infront of hundereds of thousands if not million is more than enough …… so 

    • Dr. Qadri is taking all these threats and risks for people of pakistan because the social & financial condition of the people is worse than worst. No  body will take such risks of life for financial benefit

    • And how would you know may i ask? Silly observations by silly people who have neither studied history nor have the common sense to analyse a situation properly. Please get an education!

  16. Shaitan malik your words will come to haunt you – we all know whose slave you are, it is people like you – corrupt to the core- who are responsible for corruption, terrorism,banditry and lawlessness in the country- a person who is the lowest of the low