Saulat Mirza video a ‘counter-drone’ on MQM: Habib Jan of Friends of Lyari


Saulat Mirza video a ‘counter-drone’ on MQM: Habib Jan of Friends of Lyari

London: Friends of Lyari International released a video showing Saulat Mirza, an alleged member of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and the convict of Karachi target killing, confessing his crimes.

In the 30-minute video, Mirza is shown accusing MQM chief Altaf Hussain for ordering killings and other acts of disturbance in Karachi, the financial hub of Pakistan.

The group convener Habib Jan, a former member of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), said it was a “counter-drone” to Altaf Hussain.

In the clip, Mirza appeals to Pakistani authorities to listen to his confessions once again and that he is ready to cooperate more with the authorities.

Habib Jan did not give details who gave him the video, but said in a press conference, “There are people in Pakistan who want to expose conspiracy against Pakistan and they have passed this video to us.”

He urged Pakistani authorities to cooperate more with the UK authorities and hand over the Joint Investigation Team report to them.

Sindh police officials have widely claimed that Mirza belongs to the MQM and has committed 58 murders after being released on parole in 2004.

The video can be watched below:

Saulat Mirza Of MQM by voiceofpakistan21


  1. this is fake vedeo . agar 2 saal koi bhe turture cell main rahay tu bhe wo bhe bolay TITANIC KA JAHAZ US NAY DEBOYA HAI . Agar MQM terorrist party hoti tu karachi kabhe deveoplment nahi hoti .. itnay brdige aur under by pass banay hain aur roads kiyun saab ko nazar nahi atay . aur HAMESHA ELECTION MAIN ZEYEDA SAY ZEYDA SEATS JEETEE HAIN MQM ..
    G.A MQM


  2. Mr. Tahir ul Qadri has proved that nothing is impossible, from last sixtythree years our religious parties working for islamazation in Pakistan and every time take part in election on the name of Islam but they did not home work, they never plan/nursery not prepare. Taliban have slughtered thousands of people all over the pakistan for the same cause. I will suggest to the people who want to work for the Islamazation. They have to work on the similiar ground as Qadri done. Firstly, they educate the people (male & femal) and obey the order of their leader honestly without any self interest. I hope TTP will learn from the Qadri movement. My comments are without any prejudice, we have to learn from each other.
    With best wish   

  3. Its all bull shit. After some time he will say some thing else… Urdu speaking people “kishtiyan jala cukay hain” and no other choice to support MQM.

  4. do not support mqm blindly. see the parties is doing. the party have no principals and change their stance every day. in morning support long march but in the evening turn backs. the violence in karachi has affected karachities the most. ask this question from inner self who started violence in karchi

  5. O Come on not again ……. We have heard such stories million times before and then after few years some army general or colonel comes on screen and says it was all lie and a set up. LONG LIVE ALTAF BHAI LONG LIVE MQM