And the Bigg Boss season 6 winner is… Urvashi Dholakia

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And the Bigg Boss season 6 winner is... Urvashi Dholakia

New Delhi: Urvashi Dholakia claimed the winning trophy of Bigg Boss season 6 and Imam Siddique made his mark as the runner-up.

The show ended as Urvashi bagged the Rs5-million (Indian) award.

Urvashi, best remembered as Komolika of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, was in tears as her mother, and two children, stood in the audience to welcome her

She is the third female winner of the show in row after Shweta Tiwari and Juhi Parmar, who won the fourth and fifth seasons, respectively, IANS reported.

“Thank you,” she said upon her exit.

She was among the 15 contestants who entered the Bigg Boss house in October 2012, and managed to stay in the top four, with Imam, Sana Khan and Niketan Madhok occupying the remaining positions respectively.

Urvashi displayed a strong winning chance ever since she entered the show. She was appreciated for her upfront and honest attitude, was a smart player and always stood up for the right.

She often got involved in verbal spats with Imam, Sapna Bhavnani and Delnaaz Irani, but she patched up with them, creating amicable relations with everyone on the show.

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18 Responses to " And the Bigg Boss season 6 winner is… Urvashi Dholakia "

  1. Altafjnr says:

    Imam is real winner no doubt Urvashi has been announced but ask every one who witnessed the Big boss will say Imam Imam Imam.Imam made the show a real show other wise there was a team of  mentaly frustrated people .

  2. Tores says:

    IMAM REAL WINNER… ask yourself why you watched desperately?

    * A multi-talented with Acting,Dance,language, creativity,
    personality differentiator, enthusiastic…

     *one who sleeps on Ground,
    Cook’s own food when a cartel pac disrespecting him.

    * Honest, Repents & apologizes a clean heard, one face…Or
    2 faced Uravshi & others Lazy,sleeping,gossiping,eating,with 0 talents,0
    respect,0 kindness & Foul Play .

    Proved Bigg Boss is fake lost all fan following…

  3. Rohits says:

    imam did not win shockerr of 2013 indian people r that bemani khor ch ch ch imam sidiqee true rock star

  4. Sri says:

    Imam Rocks. He is a true winner. Urvashi Dholkia Kia, Sana Stupid Khan, Niketan Mad hawk or Rajeev idiot paul does not deserve to be in the final even let alone win the show. Big boss was interesting only coz of imam, he should be in all future seasons of bigg boss.

  5. dosdii says:

    Kaun urvashi?????? I thot is show me surf Imam the.

  6. Sdorine says:

    For me Imam is the winner. This daily soap vamp is a crap. “Time out” Dholkiakia.

  7. IQBAL PATEL says:

    If Imam would not have been in BB, Bigg Boss Season 6 would have been a Major Flop

  8. rajneesh says:

    imam…imam…imam…is to win///amend it …..rajneesh

  9. Abcd says:

    imam is the only winner as per my view………….he should be the winner???????????

  10. Umiarsh says:

    urvashi won the show because of public symoathy she didnt deserve it at all. she used to sleep all the time in bed and shout with big mouth. she used shoes to beat immams statue which showed her  internal frustration. imam was exceptionally talented in whole show people like Rajiv, niketan were insecure so quarrelled with him.

  11. sybel says:


  12. Mailtodipanwita says:

    I love urvashi at all.I like her attitude ,her straight forward nature and above all her way of doing the big boss task was superb. She is a great lady for me

  13. Fizatherose says:

    madam Dania you are just a fool. the thing that you said shows that being an indian you don’t love india you are rather a backstabber against the nation. agar ham indians hain to yeh hindu muslim ki baat kahan se aa gayi. may be its just you who are not following secularism! urvashi had been mind blowing and had been in the show from the very first day. show gained TRP because of imam. and concluding i would like to say that dear dania you should at least mind your language whatever and however rajev is, atleast the mass knows him. 

  14. Tabassum says:

    congrats Urvashi! you are the real winner. love ur attitude! god bless you !

  15. Dania Sheikh09 says:

    sana ya imama me se kisi ko winner hona chaye tha ye kya nonmuslim ko he har saal winner bana dya jata hai aisa hai tou muslims ko kya insult karwane k liye program me bulate ho us rajeev phatechar aur dosro k hato se bekar band karo bigg boss ko band karo beimani hai ye urvashi layak he nahi winner bane k chugalkhoar aur batamez villan hat bekar program band karo 2 no program serf hindu ko khus karne k liye banaya gaya hai take musalmano ko andar bulao aur unki beizat karwao aur unko winner bhe na bane do no justice in india kha gaya india ka securalism .ab bolo

    • Shahab Uk says:

      Saalay Dania Sheikh09,,, Retarted People like you are the ONLY cause to create hatred among Muslims and Hindus. 7 lines of stupid comments shows ur ugly mentality.
      We all love Urvashi and congrats to her,,, But a fact is that IMAM is a TRUE entertainer and for me,, Hes a winner.

  16. Harsh_86 says:

    only imam is winner

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