Shahid Nazir’s song ‘One Pound Fish’ to be released in US and Europe

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London: Muhammad Shahid Nazir’s internet sensation ‘One Pound Fish’ is expected to be releases outside the UK, beginning from the United States and France.

Before his appearance on the French music show Le Grande Journal, he tweeted: “12.5 million views. I am getting ready for Paris I am very excited performing on @GrdJournal a very, very big TV show.”

Nazir, 31, revealed that he would perform shortly in Switzerland, Turkey and Dubai.

He has denied reports that he had been deported from the UK, saying that he has plans to return shortly.

Digital Soy reported that the track has risen to number 28 in the charts in its third week.

He has recently said he is currently working on his debut album that would have 12 tracks and is expected to release in the near future.

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