B.Tech students stage protest in Karachi, call for establishing Pakistan Technology Council


Karachi: Hundreds of students from different universities and colleges, offering B.Tech programme, demanding formation of Pakistan Technology Council (PTC) under the Ministry of Science and Technology staged protest at Karachi Press Club on Sunday.

The students, who were protesting under the banner of Pakistan B.Tech Engineers Community (PBEC), said that as per the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) decision 4 years B.Tech (Hons) degree was at par and compatible with  B.E/B.Sc Engineering degree but Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) — the professional council of Bachelor of Engineering (BE) graduates — had directed all the government, semi government and autonomous departments that the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) graduates should not be recruited on BPS-17 positions directly and not promoted upward on equal basis.

 “PEC has directed all the engineering and technology universities to do not give admission to the B.Tech graduates in M.S Engineering programmes,” they alleged.

They added that the 4-year B.Tech degrees were being offered not only Pakistan but also in many other countries including UK, Australia, India and Sri Lanka.

The protesters said that Higher Education Commission had established National Technology Council (NTC) after they approached.  “The NTC will accredit the B.Tech degree progammes only but it is not in the purview of the NTC to register the B.Tech Graduates and to regulate the technology profession.

They demanded the federal government and the ministry of science of technology to establish the PTC through immediate presidential order.


  1. no these news are not true…if they are then why r not establishing pakistan technology council…? they are clearly saying soon will be implement thets mean he is pointing in the future ..these news pakistani people are listening previously 35 years…….so i dont think… pakistan engineering council still not accepting the status of b.tech engineers……

  2. pec accept b.tech degree holder as soon as because our near country india also accept b.tech degree holder and increase the man power

  3. Mind set will not accept the status of B.Tech (Hons.) untill his personel intrest is not involved. Because in our country policies are prepared for selected peoples.When son(s)/ doughter(s) of decision makers will take degree of b.tech decisions will be automatically implemented.