17-year-old Indian girl raped on New Year Day 2013


New Delhi: Another rape case was reported in New Delhi, capital of India, just hours before Nirbhaya’s ashes were immersed in the Ganga.

According to Indian media reports, a 17-year-old girl studying in class XI of a prominent south Delhi school was allegedly sedated and raped by two men at a New Year’s party in the upscale Safdarjung Enclave area of south Delhi.

The girl had said in her statement that one of the accused had befriended her on a social networking site a few months ago. The accused had expressed his wish to meet the victim several times and use to chat with her online.

On New Year’s Eve, the accused convinced the girl to meet at a south Delhi market. Later, the girl was given a drink which was laced with a heavy dose of sedatives after which she began to feel dizzy.

The girl alleged that the accused then took turns to rape her inside the flat and then left her alone. They even threatened her with dire consequences if she disclosed the incident to anyone.

However, the girl managed to flee from their clutches after the accused left her alone and went out. The two accused, who work in leading IT companies, were arrested late at night after the girl approached Safdarjung Enclave police station. They live in Sarojini Nagar with their families. Both are in their late 20s. While one is a computer engineer with an IT company, the other works in the HR department of a blue-chip tech and consulting multinational, an officer said.

During interrogation, the accused accepted their involvement before the police and confessed to having lured the girl on pretext of meeting on New Years Eve, police said.


  1. STOP blaming the victim, you idiots!  She’s only 17 and obviously not very mature in her decisions.  Equally obviously these social predators and rapists are older than 17, with full time jobs, and should know better.  Their names ought to be made public as rapists and they should be fired from their jobs for immoral and criminal behavior.  Their actions were far beyond “opportunity” at the moment.  They obviously came prepared with date-rape drugs, making their actions PREMEDITATED.  That makes them the real criminals they are.  Rapists should be torn to pieces, beginning with their penises.

  2. what the hell………………..damn it………did u feel shame u both two guys……………?
    what were u doing damn it…….the social networking is not made for such proccess…..like u people,now every one would feel shame on itself……………india & indian’s both have now lost their identiy..really india has forget it’s own culture……..these 2 culprits r also rappiest so they shoul have to go behind the jail & have to die  & take a walk for THE HELL…..indian’s gone totaalllllly sick…………damn it.

  3. NO! This wasn’t FULLY her fault. Why is everything blamed on the girl? It’s not fair. Why doesn’t anybody ever say anything to the person that has done this? The males in India are not the only males that are experiencing some sexual desires. They are not the only males going through puberty! There are males all over the world and THEY CAN CONTROL THEIR DESIRES! I thought India was a very nice country. I was proud to be an Indian but not anymore. In fact, I am very much ashamed. Especially at Indians like [email protected]:disqus ! You can keep your opinion to yourself. How biased can you be? How ignorant can you be? You must be a raper yourself. 

  4. Another question is how did those IT guys know about date rape drugs and their dosage? How did they manage to acquire it? Did they have a prescription or did they not? 

  5. The girl is 17 years of age & I think she must not be chatting on social networking sites. Even after so many incidents of rape around the city one must be careful of meeting strangers. If she were to meet with strangers she must have gone in a group of friends of the same sex & informed her parents of who she was going to meet. If people aren’t careful bad thing will surely happen. Thank God she only got raped and not  brutalized like the previous one.

    •  Nimrod i think you are correct , how can you meet a stranger in a closet , dont such girl smell that anything dangerous can happen . please let it be a lesson to others  similar things happens in Africa  last year and the victim pay with her dear  life .