YouTube unblocked in Pakistan, blasphemous clips not removed


Islamabad: Pakistani government has reopened YouTube, a video-sharing website, after almost three months of closure from September 17, 2012 but the blasphemous material is still present on the website.

The government on September 17 blocked the video sharing website over anti-Islam film. Innocence of Muslims, mocking over Prophet (PBUH) and other rituals of Islam.

The video sharing website was reopened after Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Saturday directed Internet service providers and information technology (IT) companies to immediately reopen it.

Talking to media on Saturday, DG PTA assured that the access to the blasphemous material would be blocked in the country instead of the reopening of the website.

He further said that the talks were continuing with Google officials to remove the blasphemous content from the site.

Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik has tweeted on Friday that after chairing a high-level meeting with all stakeholders on the YouTube, he has decided to unblock the video-sharing website.

“I chaired a high level meeting with all stakeholders on the YouTube. God job by PTA to block anti Islamic material! Pl expect YouTube unblocked in 24hrs,” he posted from his official Twitter account.

The site was blocked in Pakistan on September 17, 2012 by the Cabinet after the site refused to remove an anti-Islam video that sparked protests across the Muslim world.


  1. y it blocked as whole youtube? v no sence of future leads to founder.The youtube is for all type user like internet then y v not block internet.its just drama of believe in islam of islamic leaders in pakisan.v just another option to block link of youtube channel of particular person.Note they are against islam ,education… giving merits…….everyone are equal rich=poor.they get benefit from foreign (means military,supreme court,NAB,ISI,Election Commission of pakistan,All politicians)

  2. its a big source of education and we banned it just for some notjob. (just for the sake of argument) i didn’t remember we banned  there consumer product when we saw anti islamic product.
    PS: youtube would never banned for me as long as i know how to use google. did you get what i am saying?

  3. for few blasphemous clips to which v cud flag or dislike we bloked the whole youtube in pakistan.???
    what a sensible decision it was.  

    hum pakistani wakai aik jazbati qaum han.hum hamesha jazbaat se he faila karain gay kabbi akal istamal nai karain gay. shame on us.