PTA orders immediate re-opening of YouTube in Pakistan


Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Saturday directed Internet service providers and information technology (IT) companies to immediately reopen Youtube, a video sharing website, across Pakistan.

According to sources, the video sharing website would be reopened within minutes in the country after the PTA direction.

Talking to media on Saturday, DG PTA assured that the access to the blasphemous material would be blocked in the country instead of the reopening of the website.

He further said that the talks were continuing with Google officials to remove the blasphemous content from the site.

Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik has tweeted on Friday that after chairing a high-level meeting with all stakeholders on the YouTube, he has decided to unblock the video-sharing website.

“I chaired a high level meeting with all stakeholders on the YouTube. God job by PTA to block anti Islamic material! Pl expect YouTube unblocked in 24hrs,” he posted from his official Twitter account.

The site was blocked in Pakistan on September 17, 2012 by the Cabinet after the site refused to remove an anti-Islam video that sparked protests across the Muslim world.



  1. kutte youtube kholde warna tujhe ban kara dogi manoos kholde tera time hai1 april se 4 tak agar nhi khola tu tera sharafat se kholde rehman kutte

  2. There are so many beautiful islamic video lectures on youtube that can cure our ills in our society. We are missing that as a nation from so many good imams in the world. We should remove those videos which are blasphemous, but we should allow access otherwise because youtube world is just the same as this world, it has some bad things and some good, just like our world. I hope Allah gives understanding to our cabinet and PTA. Ameen

  3. You can easily use youtube by: , simply log on , enter website and Voila!! 🙂  a service of

  4. youtube is the best medium for broadcasting one’s self and these idiots have taken it wawy from us. the blasphemous content was under the circle of freedom of expression. it need not have become such a huge issue.

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  6. achi khaasi youtube open ho gaie thi… ye kanjar GEO TV ne dobara news chala di… aur youtube phir bnd ho gaie.. fittay mun GEO TV ka her cheez mai taang irraanay ki kutta adat hai GEO TV ko… aur wo alug baat hai.. we all condemn bad content on youtube… Just block bad content against islam and than open youtube… ye jaahil nakaara hamaray oper wazeer ban k bethay hain… incompetent corrupt regime.

  7. fittay mun raja rental wazeer e azam ka… youtube 3 minute k leay open hoi aur phir band kardi… but u can still use it… on pc use chrome browser or firefox… go to add ons and search for “stealthy” after install just click the red button it will turn its color to green … and use youtube or any other blocked website… and on android… install hotspot vpn from google playstore and use youtube on android or iphone…