One Pound Fish man Shahid Nazir deported from Britain to reach Pakistan on Christmas Day

London: Pakistani fishmonger, Muhammad Shahid Nazir, who just been given a recording deal and his song One Pound Fish has been asked to leave Britain after it was found his visa has run out.

Immigration officials told the novelty artist and fishmonger to get a flight back to his native Pakistan and not return until he has sorted out his paperwork.

 “He will be on a plane back to Pakistan on the 25th and when he will be allowed to return is uncertain,” Nazir’s agent Samir Ahmed told the Daily Star Sunday.

“His song has really taken off but he needs his visa sorted out so he can come back and be a full-time performer.”

Nazir’s song has proved to be a sensation and has attracted more than 4 million hits on YouTube.


  1. How do you get a visa to be a fishmonger?  To get my visa to work at Oxford U as a researcher I had to show the Home Office proof of my higher degrees, work history, minimum income requirement etc!

  2. maybe they will serve him a one pound fish on his plane trip back home.

  3. The video and song were a complete rip off and very poorly done at that…Horrible!  Should not be watched what a waste of time…

  4. He overstayed on his visa … £10000 fine should impose to warner movie maker and fish shop ..

  5. LMAO! If only he had stayed in obscurity.

  6. im sorry but if ur a freshy and illigal in a country, a peice of advice….. dont become famous, imigration will find you more easily

  7. the mind boggles and it once again shows that the UK immigration system is a complete joke. 

    • I disagree with you. I’m writing from the US and I would like so much to see such ‘inefficiency’ here.  Ultimately adults in a foreign country should tolerate no disorganization or confusion with regards to their passports, visas or whatever, period the end.  A national government with the attitude that it is not their job to straighten out such an offender’s life for him is a blessing for its citizens; I suppose you say subjects. 
      Remember, in addition, that this particular person is a celebrity who could have had immigration attorneys lining up at his door competing for the privilege of organizing this facet of a celebrities’ life. Who would be looking out for you and me like that in a foreign land? He himself chose not to obtain such a specialist when he KNEW that his record label was counting on him to make appearances. Besides, why should there be any sort of controversy when a government agency fufils its mission?

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