One Pound Fish man, Shahid Nazir, faces deportation from UK over visa issue

One Pound Fish man, Shahid Nazir, faces deportation from UK over visa issue

London: Muhammad Shahid Nazir, or commonly known as one-pound-fish man, will be sent packing from Britain on Christmas Day after immigration officials discovered he had overstayed his welcome.

Nazir, 31, whose song ‘One Pound Fish’ has had four million Youtube hits, is one of the main contenders for the top spot in the festive charts, ANI reported.

Nazir’s agent Samir Ahmed said that the fish seller will leave for Pakistan on December 25 and his return is uncertain.

The father of four, whose family stays in Pakistan, had been working at a fish market near West Ham’s ground in East London for eight months where he first sang his song.

17 Comments on "One Pound Fish man, Shahid Nazir, faces deportation from UK over visa issue"

  1. i love one pound fish song good lake shahid nazir  pakistan zinda bad

  2. Serves him right, they need to crack down on illegals. They have no right to stay here and earn money to send back to where they came from.

  3. Immigration sucks man this guy is working so hard and entertaining people as well as he sell unlike others who just sat there and sell fish when sometimes they are very very rude too… Fuck this among all the people why this epic guy.. He could have gotten to Britain got talent

  4. GOOD !  Get out.  Stay out.  We have rules.  Britain does not need any more unskilled illegal immigrants who contribute nothing, but cost billions in state housing, benefits and healthcare.  Working on a fish stall would not support his wife and 4 children with London’s extortionate housing prices.  Soon enough, he would be looking for free housing and benefits, and the corrupt Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian official infiltrating the bodies that grant these would have simply handed over British Tax Payers money, like they always do.  The immigration people are not “biased”, they are simply utterly incompetent and unfit for office, as well as being infiltrated by corrupt people from Nigeria and Pakistan.  His mistake was this.  Everybody knows that Britain is full of people exploiting our immigration system, lieing to us, abusing our good nature, exploitingh us and mocking us, so much so, they think it is normal and they are untouchable, and they would be right.  Well he went on TV, radio and newspapers advertising the fact.  Too bad.  GOODBYE ! A view on Youtube is worth about $0.001.  Nobody make money being viewed on Youtube.

  5. dont deport him ….this is not fair!!!!!

  6. Green Destiny786 | December 25, 2012 at 12:22 am | Reply

    he is baned for 10 years due to being illegal immigrant lol

  7. Its really sad! Why the immigration rules applied to him only? We need him back

  8. This country is a HATER! As soon as someone is doing good they try to push him back down… There is a milion fraudsters that have overstayed their visa yet they remain in the UK ripping off people that work for their livelihood in an honest way. This man didn’t hurt anyone and milions of people love him. PRIORITISE IDIOTS!!!

  9. yes he was going to be a start and get paid for his talent….therefore he is deported….Hate you biased deportation officers!

  10. please UK govt. dont do that he is really legend. this kind of people need our help so please stop him

    • Ignaziofiumara | December 25, 2012 at 2:23 pm | Reply

      He should stay in uk as he is a credit to the nation.
      They won’t deport qatadar for his evil dealings but deport “one pound fish man” who is loved and contributed to this country with his humorous talent

  11. Deport him to California, I’ll take him!

  12. Im gonna start a petition!

  13. Evergreenmedia | December 24, 2012 at 3:41 am | Reply

    He is a legend….they must trap illegals first who has adverse immigration history. Learn UKBA…

  14. do you know how many illegal immigrants there are in green street? where he was found? the problem is most of them stay there selling fish all their life so nobody cares, this man was about to get paid. They didn’t like that.

  15. Hes funny lol 😀

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