Leaked images of ZTE Grand S: debut expected at CES 2013

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London: Leaked images of Android base ZTE Grand S, codename ZTE Z753 smartphone show that the phone has a large screen.

Engadget has posted images of the smartphone. The picture at the top, the more likely this is the first ZTE handset is equipped with screen 5-inch, Full HD resolution – similar to DNA HTC, HTC J Butterfly or Aquos SH930W-density pixels high, at 440ppi.

However, no other details are currently available but the Engadget says the phone will feature a unibody design, along with a slight bump around the off-center camera on the back.

Related to the time of the launch, many people predicted this ZTE’s high-end smartphone will be introduced at the CES 2013 event took place on January 1 next year.

Photo Courtesy: Engadget.com


Photo Courtesy: Engadget.com

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1 Response to " Leaked images of ZTE Grand S: debut expected at CES 2013 "

  1. Jimmy Mackey says:

    I love it when things at CES are leaked early, especially
    phones.  I am a phone junkie and if this
    phablet is the thinnest I’m going to have handset envy, LOL!  Personally I think bigger is better, but a
    5-inch screen is still a bit small for me. 
    I know my buddy at DISH loves to be the first to buy things like this
    and he’ll probably talk to the rep at CES about how to buy one.  I love my Galaxy Note II because it has the
    largest screen available, 5.5-inches.  I
    also use the Sling Adapter for watching TV on my portable devices when I’m away
    from home, using the DISH Remote Access App I downloaded.  It works on my Android phone and iPad so I
    can watch more TV than I used to since I can watch anywhere I go.

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