Christmas gift? Yahoo gives 3 months free use of Flickr Pro to users



London: On the occasion of Christmas and New Year holiday season approaching, Yahoo has officially allowed all users to use its Flickr Pro version freely for 3 months.

Accordingly, the object of this gift pack will include a new user (just registered account), former members, and those who are using a Flickr Pro.

Sign up and you get unlimited uploads up to 50MB per photo, unlimited viewing of your photo library, the ability to post photos in as many as 60 groups as well as download high-resolution images and upload and play unlimited HD videos.

It’s a pretty good deal for photo and video enthusiasts considering a free Flickr account normally only lets you upload 300MB every month, only view your most recent 200 photos, post photos in up to 10 groups, download smaller resized images and upload up to two videos a month.

This gift pack will last until 01/04/2013, so you quickly download experience.

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