Analyst predicts Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPad mini release


London: A market analyst has claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be released in February while the sequel to the Apple iPad Mini could also be launched on first half of 2013.

According to Doug Freedman of RBC Capital Markets, Samsung 2013 roadmap may include releasing the successor of the famous Samsung Galaxy S4 earlier than expected because of Apple’s change of plans.

Apple’s rumored release of iPhone 6 in early 2013 may be one of the reasons of the early launch of its main competitor, IBTimes reported.

Specification (rumours):

The Korea TImes claims to have been made privy to a substantial Galaxy S4 specification leak, which say a 5 inch device sporting an impressive 1,920 x 1,080 pixel ‘Super LCD 3′ display at a mind-boggling 445 ppi, coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

Further speculations about the Galaxy S4 are the smartphone will use the 13MP sensor, 2GB RAM and a quad-core processor Cortex-A15 processor clocked at 2GHz.

In his note, Freedman also predicted that the Galaxy S4 could be released in February or March and publicly revealed at the 2013 Mobile Congress, which takes place in Barcelona, Spain.

Freedman is the fourth source to speculate such a release date for the Galaxy S4, and his note came soon after the Korea Times reiterated that MWC 2013 will be the most likely venue for the Galaxy S4 announcement.

An official has told Korea Times reported on condition of anonymity,

Apple is reportedly moving up production of its sequel to the iPad Mini, according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Doug Freedman.

In another research note, Freedman says Apple is gathering parts from companies like Texas Instruments for the new iPad Mini. Freedman is visiting China, and his report is based on talks he had with sources in Apple’s supply chain, according to Business Insider.

He’s not the only analyst who thinks a new iPad Mini will launch soon. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster says Apple will release an iPad Mini with a high-resolution Retina display in the first half of 2013.


  1. “Apple’s rumored release of iPhone 6 in early 2013 may be one of the reasons of the early launch of its main competitor, IBTimes reported.”

    So does this mean we’ll see the iPhone 5S in late 2012?

    Where do these writers get this garbage…

    • When saying iPhone 6, it refers to the one after iPhone 5. It’s probably called iPhone 5S instead. This is mentioned many times in other articles. You didn’t read enough.

  2. Samsung wouldn’t use Super LCD3, that is Sharp’s technology. They’d use Super Amoled, which they’ve always used on their flagship products.