Pakistan minister promises adequate gas supply to Punjab industries


Lahore: Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Dr. Asim Hussain has admitted that Punjab is facing severe shortage of gas, and ensured that the industries will now be provided six-hour continuous supply of the utility every day.

“The ministry will ensure provision of 36 hour supply of gas to the industries in one week”, he said.

He said that they are facing a shortfall of 4,000 million cubic feet to meet the energy requirements of the province. He said that ‘there are also political reasons to the problem, and must be addressed’.

Dr. Asim furthered that the crisis escalated due to severe cold in the province.

Meanwhile, in Quetta, low gas pressure amid freezing cold has badly hit daily live activities of general public and they have been compelled to get heat by firing coal and wood.

Moreover, in Multan, about six hour load-shedding has added to the woes of people and adversely hit businesses.