Drones to be used for food delivery

Mexico City: Unmanned planes or drones, known for surveillance and lethal attacks, will be used for food delivery in the federal capital of Mexico by 2015.

Drone industry has now proceeded to civil commercial area after successful military purposes.

Research lab Darwin Aerospace have designed the Burrito Bomber, the “world’s first airborne Mexican food delivery system.”

Under FAA guidelines, this food delivery drone is not available for commercial use until 2015 (when regulations get updated).

It works like this:

You connect to the Burrito Bomber web-app and order a burrito. Your smartphone sends your current location to our server, which generates a waypoint file compatible with the drone’s autopilot.

We upload the waypoint file to the drone and load your burrito in to our custom made Burrito Delivery Tube.

The drone flies to your location and releases the Burrito Delivery Tube. The burrito parachutes down to you, the drone flies itself home, and you enjoy your carne asada.

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