Drone strike kills three in North Waziristan

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Miranshah: At least three people were killed on Friday in a United States (US) drone strike in North Waziristan, an area bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan.

According to sources, the drone aircraft fired two missiles on a house in Asukhel area of Mir Ali, killing three people on the spot and turning the house into a debris.

‘Fear prevailed in the area as more drones are still flying in the air,” they added.

Drone strikes have become a regular tactic of United States to target North Waziristan, a safe heaven for the militants from where they launch attacks against US led coalition forces in Afghanistan.

It is to be mentioned here that on Thursday, a US drone aircraft crashed in South Waziristan area. Although there was no confirmation as to how the drone crashed but there were chances that militants might had target it with anti-aircraft weapons.

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