We have yet to define ourselves as artists: AAG

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AAG was formed in 2005. The band comprises two brothers Haroon Sheikh and Usman Sheikh. While talking to The News Tribe (TNT), they were like:

TNT: How would you define yourself as an artist?

Haroon: We have yet to define ourselves as artists. It is probably safe to say that we’re just learning while experimenting with sounds. Letting ourselves express ourselves freely. It is just having fun at it.

TNT: What message does your music mainly reflect?

Haroon: There is no common message. It varies from song to song.

TNT: If given a chance, you would like to perform with whom and why?

Haroon: I am not sure if I would like to perform with anyone really. To me it’s a one on one thin between me and the audience. I wouldn’t share that with anyone. But if there were someone that could add to that feeling, it would probably be a long list of people that have mentored me with their music up till this point in my life.

Usman: Mike Portnoy, because he’s a monster drummer and just watching him for so many years has taught me so much. Imagine the possibilities.

TNT: What’s your inspiration and how do you define good music? 

Haroon: Inspired by practically anything like any sound or any music that has/has not caught my full attention. Good music to me is what connects me to a feeling and takes me along to show me around. It can challenge me or just ease me. It could bring out my sorrow or rid me of my fears. It should help me discover myself. If it can help me evolve it is good music.

Usman: Good music moves people emotionally, or physically or both. I am inspired by anything that has an impact upon me like a relationship, feeling, person, place, even a beautiful view.

TNT: What is success for a musician according to you in terms of money or fame?

Haroon: Like any other profession which is enough to make him/her lead a decent living. I am not big on fame although. I would like its pro but its cons would just tick me off very easily.

Usman: Just enough money to provide me with my 3rd most favorite thing in the world that is food. I am a bit of a recluse, so fame is not a HUGE incentive for me. I do appreciate all the attention our fans have given us though.

TNT: In such a competitive music environment, what acts as your niche?

That sounds like an oxymoron. Music is meant to be shared and to connect people, or “Harmonize” so to speak. Competition really has no place in the world of music, just in the world of the music BUSINESS.

As far as our niche is concerned, we try to be completely transparent and honest in our music. Music emanates from within us, and any uniqueness or difference from other music is for the fans to feel.

TNT: What are three things that you dislike and three things that you like about the music industry?

The reach and exposure given to artists, the nature of opportunities and the people involved.

TNT: Say a few lines on future of music in Pakistan.

The future cannot be spoken for. We live in the present moment and try to make the most of it. We would love to see the industry grow more organically. As long as musicians keep striving to make good music and don’t compromise on expressing themselves, Pakistani music should be fine.

TNT: Do you take music as a hobby or career? 

Haroon: Both. I don’t see myself having a career in something that doesn’t come naturally to me.

Usman: Let me say it this way. The other day I was jamming with a few buddies of mine I hadn’t seen in a long time. Came home late at night, felt tired, picked up a guitar and got recording.

TNT: What would you say about the kind of audience your music has?

They’re beautiful. Considering that any band really just starts with a bunch of kids playing around with their instruments in a bedroom, or basement, or garage. Just having an audience is an honor in itself.

TNT: What is your message?

Thank you for liking us.

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