Nawaz Sharif has more security than Britain’s Queen Elizabeth: Imran Khan


Nawaz Sharif has more security than Britain’s Queen Elizabeth: Imran Khan

Wazirabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan alleged that the security given to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Nawaz Sharif is more than the one given to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

He said 1260 security officials are deployed to secure Sharif’s family members but PTI leadership does not have sufficient security.

During a media session in Wazirabad, Khan said that his party will never make alliance with any status-quo political party that has taken Pakistan to destructive end.

He said that Pakistan is daily losing up to Rs7 billion in corruption and the incumbent rulers are transferring nation’s money into their foreign accounts.

Khan said that with the help of the country’s youth he would beat the PML-N, adding that success in by-polls did not mean the party would perform the same in the upcoming general election.

He said that the rule of law should prevail in the country and his party fully supports the judiciary.

Commenting on the current political system, PTI chief said that the apparent failure of democracy did not mean that one started welcoming dictatorship.

He said that small groups could not stand the “tsunami” of PTI.


  1. I dont know that why Imran Khan always blame PMLN.If he  beleives in domocrocy then he have to wait for elecations and showed his strength.Decent people don not act like him.and bydaway Shabaz Shrief did a lot of work for nation so I really respect him …..I am not against Imran khan as i know he is not a bad person but his attitude towards PMLN is not fair.

  2. PML-N and PTI both are same as both have stupid leaders….but are are dangerous for Pakistan….to save pakistan…get rid of PML-N and PTI

    • yeah bro u shud totally vote PPP and PMLN to fuck pakistan again, i guess u get 24 hour electricity at youre home. IMRAN KHAN ZINDABAAD

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  4. These corrupt politicians do not pay full taxes and enjoy more facilities than common man. They have steel mills, sugar mills, so much money, why dont they employ their own security guard?? Why to waste public money on their lavish lifestyle??? These “Sharif” brothers are burden on our country. We have to get rid of them as soon as possible to save our country.

  5. Reason is….

    Supreme Court judges are murdering justice….Supreme Court judges are just obeying the instructions of PML-N, PTI, JI and ANPSupreme Court judges are not above the lawSupreme Court judges are individuals and Supreme Court is institutionSupreme Court judges are biased so for justice we need to repeat 16 Dec 1971

    PTI – Killer of Insaf in Pakistan