We try to do something new each time: Fortitude

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They simply define themselves as pioneers of Pashto Rap in Pakistan. They are also known for their unique music videos. After getting so many hits on their videos, the band simply talks about themselves and their upcoming projects. Their first teaser clip ‘Pukhtoon Core’ proved to be a hit among masses (which was first ever official Pashto rap song) and since then they haven’t looked back. While talking to The News Tribe (TNT), they were like:


The News Tribe (TNT): Tell about band and its members. What made you guys keep this name fortitude?

Fortitude: This rap crew has three members; Shaxxx (Shahkar A. Khan), Webster (Shumail A. Khan) & Party Wrecker (Mustafa K. Khan). We hail from Peshawar. We formed this back in ’05. We’re pioneers/creators of Pashto rap. Fortitude means being strong, courageous and that’s what we felt we were.

TNT: Tell something about your music genre.

Fortitude: It’s rap/hip hop. It is a very diverse genre so we like to be experimental and don’t want to stick to basics and try to do something new each time.

TNT: There are so many bands, what acts as your niche and where you guys see yourself after five years?

Fortitude: We take one step at a time. We definitely have carved
a niche for us with Pashto rap. We would like to take it further. Let’s see what future holds
for us.

TNT: What is your inspiration?

Fortitude: Twista, Eminem, Styles Of Beyond, Tech 9ne and many more. It’s not just a bunch of artists but everything around us and what we experience serves as an inspiration to us.

TNT: Tell something about this latest song of yours.

Fortitude: ‘No Borders’ has been our latest song. We, for the first time ever have mixed a traditional Pashto instrument (Chitrali Sitar) with hip hop music and it was rapped in three languages. The song was a hit among masses.

TNT: Who writes lyrics for you and what’s the importance of good lyrics?

Fortitude: We all write our own parts (obviously do help each other where needed). People mostly listen to the beat but lyrics are important. Music is one of strongest medium to get a message across to the listeners and only good and meaningful lyrics can achieve that.

TNT: Do you wish to perform with anyone if yes whom?

Fortitude: Not anyone particularly.

TNT: Tell about your upcoming projects.

Fortitude: We have a lot of projects, all of them very exciting and different then what we have done so far. At the moment we’re inactive because we’re busy with our studies and YouTube ban but a lot is cooking inside and we can safely say that the best is yet to come. We’re going to release an audio track very soon.

TNT: Compare local music industry with international music industry.

Fortitude: International music industry is getting too monotonous with typical techno beats and Pitbull, Nicki Minaj on each song. Local music industry still has some diversity in it and every now and then they come up with something good. The only problem though is that there aren’t many opportunities, YouTube ban being the last nail in the coffin.

TNT: Share a few lines about kind of platforms provided to young musicians in Pakistan.

Fortitude: There are a few shows helping young musicians. There is nothing like the internet though, if you are talented and you have that spark then people will listen to you and you’ll go further. Performing at the live shows also helps a lot.

TNT: Lastly, what is your message?

Fortitude: We would like to thank our fans for the nonstop support. We love you all

Special Thanks to: Mr. Wajahat Ahmed Khan for this interview

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