Pakistan blind captain Zeeshan Abbasi drinks acid, in critical condition

Banglore: Pakistan blind cricket team captain Zeeshan Abbasi suffers from critical condition after he drank acid, presented to him, in breakfast on Saturday in Banglore, India.

The captain, who is leading national blind side in Twenty-20 World Cup Cricket Tournament for the blind at Banglore, was apparently made to drink the hazardous liquid as the acid glass was presented right in front of partially blind Zeeshan Abbasi.

 Chairman Pakistan Blind Cricket Council Sultan Shah alleged that the glass filled of acid was deliberately placed on the table, if not, then why it was placed on the breakfast table?

“Abbasi is not feeling well, his health is worsening,” he told media.

Skipper Pakistan blind cricket has been shifted to local hospital but the calamity does not end here as medical assistance is unavailable due to the absence of doctor in the hospital.

Sultan Shah said that we are still waiting for medical assistance adding that the doctor has not reached the hospital till yet.

Zeeshan Abbasi is the fast bowler of Pakistan blind cricket and comes under partially blind B2 category.

He made his International debut in 2000 and has played a pivotal role in the success of Pakistan team on many occasions.

Pakistan defeated India on Friday by eight wickets in Twenty-20 World Cup Cricket Tournament being held in Banglore.

TheNewsTribe, Pakistan’s largest independent and bilingual news website’s sports correspondent said “that Zeeshan Abbasi is now out of danger and will be discharged soon from the hospital.”

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  4. Sundasbutt2012 | December 8, 2012 at 10:51 am | Reply

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