Windows 8 to be introduced in Urdu soon: Sherif Morsi



Microsoft is working on introducing Urdu as a language option on Windows 8 and it is expected to be released very soon in the market probably by the end of this year.

Pakistan is as important to Microsoft as any other market in the world. There are huge opportunities in Pakistan for many reasons. There’s a huge population, huge developer community. Pakistan is also big in terms of PC shipments which present us with a huge opportunity with current installed base.

This was stated by Sherif Morsi, Business Group Lead Pakistan in an interview with The News Tribe

What is the contribution of Pakistani developers towards Windows 8?

Pakistani developers are highly talented and we seek to engage them with our softwares. Pakistani developers can build and develop apps for Windows 8.

GMaps developed by a Pakistani developer has the highest number of downloads in MEA Middle East & Africa) region. For Instance, Popcorn Time is another movie-based app developed by Pakistani developers. We will be featuring a lot more apps developed by Pakistani developers in near future. For us, it is extremely important for the content to be relevant to the local market. We want to make sure this happens in Pakistan also.

We have marketplace in Pakistan. We have Pakistani developers publishing apps for the Pakistani market. We are expecting 100s of Pakistani relevant apps coming in the market and here we are after quality not quantity as a lot of apps have been rejected due to poor quality

What makes Windows 8 better than other operating systems?

Windows 8 gives you the best experience with work and play. You can do both at the same time on a single device.

The beauty of Windows 8 is that you can easily upgrade your current versions to Windows 8 as long as device fulfills the basic minimum requirement. The upgrade offer is there to encourage consumers to use Windows 8.

With Windows 8, there are no compromises, it is fast and fluid. It gives people the ability to choose from a wide variety of services and apps.

Windows 8 is essentially the re-imagination of the PC concept. We have entered the PC Plus era where people are consuming not just Desktop PCs but also other internet-enabled devices like tablets and smartphones. This is the new phase for PC. To compliment these emerging trends, we have developed Windows 8 as truly smart software. Windows 8 is very fast, very fluid. There’s no compromising on Windows 8. It has been optimized for work and play at the same time on the same device.

How do you encourage use of genuine Windows products?

Whenever we have upgrade offers we want to make sure these are available in Pakistani also so that consumers here can benefit from such offers.

We give special importance to the local market:

o        We build secure products

o        We ensure that we help local community to build local apps. For this reason, we are engaging with developers on regular basis to guide them to develop locally relevant apps.

We also give special attention to students. We try to engage with Colleges and Universities and offer them comprehensive Microsoft solutions. We also provide them with customized apps that would help in improved learning. These apps include our e-learning suite and Microsoft telescope. Also Windows 8 on tablets can be managed securely to enable learning that is optimized, safe and secure.

How do you deal with piracy issues in Pakistan?

We are seeking progress in Pakistan in this area. At the same time, we are trying to make consumers more aware of the value of genuine Windows. It leads to a secure and best user experience.

We also make consumers aware of their licensing rights and how they can drive maximum benefits out of genuine Windows products.

The genuine software will give a customer all option for its benefits besides it protects the data which is valuable to everyone from company to individual. So a genuine software secures your data and give you satisfaction of security.