Samsung Galaxy S3 survives extreme stress tests


London: One of the most selling smartphone of the year, Samsung Galaxy S3 has successfully survived extreme stress tests. In an effort to give consumers peace of mind, Samsung Tomorrow has released a YouTube video detailing the stress tests that the handset is subjected to, CNET reports.

First, the Samsung, using 1 kilogramme of pressure, pressed the home button for more than 200,000 times to determine its durability.

In the next test, the company applied about 100kg of pressure on the screen using a robotic denim-clad bum to see if it will crack when sat on. It was quite fascinating to learn that the Galaxy S3 is flexed left and right 25 times in tests, too.

In an interesting scratchproof test, the smartphone was thrown into a mixture full of hard silicone objects for one hour. This simulates the daily wear and scratches that keys and coins can cause on your handset.

Finally, Samsung’s chamber drips 60 milliliters of water for 10 minutes, to ensure that you can still use your smartphone when caught in the rain.

In total, Samsung’s smartphones are claimed to undergo up to seven tests in order to verify their durability.