You can make your way by doing better than others: Tauseef Afridi

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Tauseef Afridi is a doctor, singer, composer and writer. Recently he completed his MBBS and released his song on all the music channels. More music is coming soon on channels. He is friendly, sweet, nice and loving. While talking to The News Tribe, he shared many things about himself and his future projects.

The News Tribe (TNT): How would you define yourself as an artist?

Tauseef: I am a sensitive, emotional and pretty straightforward person who has chosen music as a medium of expression.

TNT: What message does your music mainly reflect?

Tauseef: In my upcoming projects I am focusing on youth and want them to recognize themselves. We are the future and we should not be misled.

 Sometimes my music just reflects my heart.  Whatever I feel, I try to translate it into lyrics and composition, with some feel in it.

TNT: If given a chance, you would like to perform with whom and why?

Tauseef: ENRIQUE   he is the one you can call MAN OF THE MUSIC. He gives a real feel to his words.

TNT: What’s your inspiration and how do you define good music?

Tauseef: Pakistani musicians are second to none   but yes JUNOON   I simply love. I think Music is a messenger, so anything having feel and meanings that touches your heart is GOOD.

TNT: What is success for a musician according to you in terms of money or fame?

Tauseef: He has in his pocket

TNT: In such a competitive music environment, what acts as your niche?

Tauseef:  It’s true that competition that there is lot of competition but still you can make your way easier by doing BETTER than others   and I always believe in that.

TNT: What are three things that you dislike and three things that you like about music industry?

Tauseef: Things that I dislike are that you will find people pulling your leg and dodging you. I myself suffered a lot because of my ignorance about this fact. Our industry doesn’t promote new talent and our channels are not playing much role to bring or support new talent. Things that I like are that industry is full of talented people and many educated people are joining it.

TNT: Say a few lines on future of music in Pakistan.

Tauseef: It had an amazing past, great present and wonderful future. We are second to none and music industry has proven itself the best among all the other media. The need of the hour is that we must develop our other industries like film industry as well so that our singers may not rush to India for better future. They always cash our talent and unfortunately our musicians have got no better option available in Pak for the time being.

TNT: You take music as a hobby or career?

Tauseef: Music is my hobby and medicine is my first love. I believe strongly that the fingers which can save life are far more sacred than those which can play guitar

TNT: What would you say about the kind of audience your music has?

Tauseef: Its only a beginning so can’t say much about that.

TNT: Tell about your upcoming projects.

Tauseef: I am working on some really interesting tracks and a patriotic song.  I want to convey some message through my upcoming projects to my youth. So keep supporting and I am very thankful to all those who appreciate me and positively support my work.

TNT: What is your message?

Tauseef: Think bigger and work harder. One day you will be successful. Have faith in God and then in your own self.

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