Rats ‘kill newborn’, injures another in Rawalpindi hospital


Rawalpindi: It’s not only law and order situation that has worsened in Pakistan over years but the condition of  hospitals in the country also needs immediate recovery where even lives of infants are not secure.

The real condition of Pakistani hospitals could well be evaluated by a recent incident occurred in Rawalpindi where some rats scratched the body of two newborn babies, killing one while injuring another who is in critical condition in Holy family hospital, Rawalpindi.

“Half an arm of the baby was badly affected by the graze of rats that resulted in the death of our baby,” parents of effected newborn said.

The parents blame the administration of the hospital for child’s death accusing that the death of our child is because of the criminal negligence  of  hospital staff.

The hospital administration says that they were taking every possible step in order to get rid of rats in the hospital.