Malik applauds ISI for peaceful Ashura, says LeJ involved in terror attacks


Islamabad: Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik Sunday applauded security forces including Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) for their efficient role in conducting a peaceful Ashra (Muharram 10).  

Speaking at a press briefing in Islamabad, Malik said that it was due to the efficient work of law enforcement authorities that militants failed in their attempt to destabilize the country.

“Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) is involved in recent terror attacks across country,” he said adding that LeJ terrorist Atta ullah was arrested and Gul Mohammad Mehsud was killed in Mangopir area of Karachi, after security officials foiled a terror bid.

Atta ullah told security officials that their group wanted to attack Shiite processions in Karachi, he added.

Malik further announce to give awards to the officials who conducted a successful raid in Mangopir.

He also said that the suspension of mobile phone, V phone services helped in foiling militants’ aim of targeting mourning rallies adding that militants use mobile phones for keeping in touch with each other.

Malik further warned Tehrik-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Hakim ullah Mehsud that he would soon be killed in the same manner as ex-TTP leader Bait-ullah Mehsud was killed after assassinating PPP leader Benazir Bhutto.

The minister said that Taliban have opened their franchises in which they induct all those people involved in bad activities.


  1. A job well done. Thank you malik.Credit where credit is due. Now that you know who the perpetrators of this cowardly sectarian attacks are, your law enforcement agencies should not have any problems apprehending them. If the americans can come and get bin laden right under your noses, within your international borders, when you were all asleep (literally) how difficult would it be for your law enforcement agencies to round up the cowards who murder innocent people?