Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood HQ attacked, 1 killed, 60 injured


Cairo: At least one person was killed and 60 others injured after opponents of Egyptian president Mohammad Musri attacked Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in the country’s Nile Delta town of Damanhour.

According to the website of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, “Brotherhood member, Islam Fathy Masoud, 15, was killed and 60 were injured after thugs attacked the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Damanhour in the total absence of police forces.”

It is to be mentioned here that the Egyptian president is facing a serious criticism from the opposition parties after the presidency issued a decree stating that Mursi can issue “any decision or measure to protect the revolution,” which are final and not subject to appeal.”

That touched off a showdown with judges over the path to a new constitution and sparked charges by the opposition that Morsi was taking on dictatorial powers.