CNG stations across Pakistan closed over low tariff


Karachi: Most CNG stations of Pakistan are closed amid low tariff of gas, adding to the woes of consumers across the country.

Some gas stations are partially opened but are unable to provide relief to the large number of consumers dependent on the utility to carry on with their daily chores.

Owners of CNG stations announced on Monday that ‘they can no longer bear the impact of low gas tariff’ and will not continue operation until the price is raised. They said that ‘there is lack of will from the government’s side to resolve the issue while Ogra is unable to do anything about it’.

They said that Ogra has agreed to their stance, and should come up an acceptable price after consultation. They clarified that CNG association didn’t give any strike call and whoever wants to run their station can do the same. They also said that gas development surcharge was imposed by the federal government and only they can remove it.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman Ogra said that there are mulling upon the request to revise the tariff. On the other hand, consumers expressed great anger and concern over the closure, saying a lot of their time is wasted standing in the queue for their turn.

Supreme Court of Pakistan had slashed gas price by 30 rupees on October 24, 2012, bringing it to 54.30 rupees per kg in the country.