Casey Legler, a male model who’s actually a woman


London: She walks ramps and has just signed one of the world’s most prestigious contracts to appear in Paris and New York shows.

Nothing out of the ordinary there, but look at her contract and you’ll see the twist, “she’ll be modelling men’s fashion”, reports.

Casey Legler is a male model who is a woman! She believes androgyny is the way forward in fashion.

The 35-year-old claims it all began when her friend asked her to model for some men’s clothing for a magazine shoot. Little did she know then that she’s launching herself a new and interesting career.

Her boyish physique, short hair and chiselled cheekbones lend themselves to men’s fashion, report the website.

Legler says she follows Andrej Pejic, the Bosnian-born Australian-raised male model who successfully modelled women’s fashion.

Photo courtesy: TIME