Pressure mounts on President Morsi as adviser Farouq Jweideh resigns


Cairo: Difficulties for Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi mounts with a third advisor to the Egyptian president resigning from the post on Sunday amid clashes between protesters and police that continues to rise on  the second day in.

President Morsi faces resistance by the people following presidential decrees that gave him sweeping powers, also resulting in the stepping down of Farouq Jweideh in protest against Mursi’s controversial declarations.

Two other advisers, Sakina Fouad and Samir Morcos, resigned yesterday as liberal revolutionary forces scrambled to join efforts to overcome the authoritative Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekky said in statements to MBC Egypt that he had suspicions on President’s constitutional decrees and blamed politicians in both government and opposition camps for the disorder in Egypt.

Morsi had already both executive and legislative powers under his table, his Thursday decree puts him over judicial oversight until a new constitution has been ratify in a referendum.

Sweeping absolute powers by the President has opened new doors of conflict in Egypt and he is under severe criticism by the Egyptian people.


  1. This is the beginning of the end for morsi – its people power.He has become too ambitious, the taste of power has gone to his head.His lack of experience and meddling in other countries internal affairs, has shown cracks in his own leadership.