Life getting back to normal in Gaza, schools reopened


Gaza, Palestinian territory: Life is getting back to normal in Gaza after the devastation caused by the brutal Israeli airstrike in across the border conflict, killing at least 150 Palestinians.  

Thousands of children returned to school on Saturday in the Gaza strip after non-stop eight days of cross-border fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Following the air-strikes by Israel Defence Forces (IDF) on Gaza, the schools were closed and children came out happy being able to recommence their studies.

“Today thank Allah, we returned to school during the last few days, some of the nearby buildings were destroyed because the Ministry of Interior is in the same neighborhood. All the nearby school buildings were damaged,” headmistress of Zaitoun School, Naheda Silmi, told Saudi newspaper.

“We tried to renovate the school and keep the students away from the damage. Windows and doors were broken. We are trying to create a real school day for students after what happened,” she added.

Head of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) office in Gaza, Alexy Makhlof visited Al Shojaia primary school on Saturday to see the damage.

Many students were thankful to meet and see their friends safe in Gaza.

A student was quoted saying that she had been ready to go back to class but was left looking at the damage instead.