Five poor girls gang-raped by Sheikhupura landlords in Pakistan


Sheikhupura: Landlords in Sheikhupura gang-raped five innocent young girls which includes a daughter and nieces of a poor laborer.

According to detail, two influential men of Sheikhupura, Mara Jat and Zaheer Jat with his aids, gang-raped a 13-year old daughter of Muhammad Boota as well as his four teenage nieces.

Muhammad Boota is a poor worker who used to work on land of those influential persons and settled an agreement with the landowners that he would work on their crops against some mutually agreed payment amount.

When he complete his job, Muhamamd Boota asked for his wage but landlord with the involvement of his aids tied Boota and his wife with ropes and ultimately gang-raped his daughter Samina, 13-year-old niece Irm, Safia 14, Farha 15 and Saima 18 ruthlessly.

The case has been registered by Narangmandi police against the accused. The court has ordered medical examination of the unfortunate girls.