Early cellular service suspension in Karachi raises questions

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Karachi: Mobile phone service in Karachi was suspended soon after three hours of its revival late at night, leaving the people worried and isolated.

The service was to remain unsuspended until 6am (local time) but the interior minister, Rehman Malik could not honor his commitment and access to the utility was banned soon again.

Conversely, Peshawar which was declared ‘most sensitive’ had the service blocked there for a little time on 9th Muharram-ul-Haram. Moreover, cellular service in some parts of DI Khan, place where two blasts have occurred in less than 24 hours, was reportedly unsuspended.

There had also been reports from other areas where the service was not blocked.

While the trend of mobile service banning has lately been established in Pakistan, there is a need to evaluate the pros and cons of the move and devise an alternate way for people to connect to their loved ones or, more importantly, make emergency calls.

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