Protests in Egypt as Morsi becomes more authoritative


Egypt: Clashes between the supporters and opponents have erupted in Egypt after President Mohamed Morsi granted himself sweeping powers.

Morsi has issued a decree preventing any court of the country from overturning him, but says ‘he is still with the revolution and Egyptian people’.

Protestors have started gathering at the famous Tahrir Square, saying they will not go away until the decision is withdrawn. There have also been reports of burning down of Iqwan-al-Muslimon (Muslim Brotherhood) in the country.

The Islamist Mohamed Morsi became head of the state on June 29, 2012, promising a ‘new era’ and ending about six decades of military rule on the country.


  1. The egyptian people have a right to raise their voices .Morsi is becoming an authoritarian leader like hitler.Why? one may ask does he need that power in his hands , like the wahabi abdulla!Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.With his “background” this is a dangerous game he is playing with the people of egypt.It will not go down well with US and also other reasonable middle eastern countries.This is his first step towards dictatorship and the motive is questionable .