Non-Halal food for Pakistan Muslim kids in UK schools ignites agony


London: Thousands of Pakistan Muslim students in Great Britain was provided non-Halal food in their schools, revealed a report.

According to Jang, a Pakistan Urdu Daily, Muslim kids in some schools are not being given food that falls under ‘Halal’ description.

This fact, horrific for Muslims, revealed at a Birmingham school when parents raise the issue to teachers and school administration.

Muslims have a two categories of food; one is considered as Halal, which categorizes foods that could be eaten and the second one is Haram, the food items which are forbidden.

The school, which was not named in the report, houses over 1500 students out of whom majority are Pakistan origin students.

Parents besides raising this issue to school administration also approached former Lord Mayor Councillor from the area Muhammad Afzal, a former local public representative.

It has been decided that unless the matter is not investigated, Muslims kids would not be provided any meat made food to avoid further disturbance.


  1. So It’s horrific to be served non halal food is it?…. well newsflash it’s just as horrific to many non believers to be served religious slaughtered meat without our knowledge or consent yet because we are not jewish or muslim our views are not considered . If meat slaughtered in the name of religion continues to be sold unlabeled then i believe we should have an outright ban on this type of slaughter. There should be absolutely no exemptions from any of the laws in this country on religious grounds . If people want to worship big invisible beings in the sky ok but their rules should have no impact on the rest of us. 

    •  What nonsense. This is the ignorance I was talking about, how can meat be any different whether it is ‘religious’ or not?? Does it somehow alter the molecular make up of it somehow?? Why do you not kick off when Christians pray round they table and bless the food in front of them? It is no different!!

      • Ok so you admit the method of religious slaughter makes no difference to the meat then why do it? and if it’s so almighty good why can it not be labeled after all they are busy labeling everything else as halal compliant bread.. chocolate..marmite . I do not want my food interfered with by any of these murderous religions and that includes christians. If it was clearly labelled i could avoid it why are labels for religious people ok but not for those of us for whom it was not intended.As for being ignorant ..well i still don’t believe in big invisible beings in the sky don’t be such a bigot if i cannot have the right to avoid it then they cannot have their right to have it. And before you say it i know the method of slaughter is dahiba for muslims and schetita  for jews and i know halal just means acceptable but their own holy book makes allowances for them to eat haram or forbidden meat when there is no other choice failing that they could become vegetarians. 

    •  Another newslash…..there’s a 3rd party involved. It’s not just about mulsims and non-muslim. The biggest claim to this whole business should naturally go to the one who is most directly made to suffer during the process. That’s just common sense.

      Poor old muslims might find it “horrific” to have to eat hallal meat, but at least they don’t have to have their throats cut while they’re alive and then blead to death while somebody with a thousand year out of date mentallity quotes passages from thiri favourite book.

      If someone from another world came here and said that to satisfy TEIR religious beliefs it was necessary to kill muslims in exactly the same way, would you step up on to the slaughter floor?

      What not even if they told you they’d be “horrified” if you didn’t do it?

      No didn’t think so. Hypocrit!

    • So…. you don’t want to eat food that some delusional person thinks has been blessed by something that doesn’t exist.  Why?  Meat that has been slaughtered accourding to law can also be hallal or kosher.  It can be legal in both ways, wholesome and healthy to eat. 

      Yep… obviously on the wrong page.  I was looking for educated and intelligent information about kosher and hallal foods. 

  2. The trouble with people here is they have very limited understanding as to what Halal is and there for in a lot of schools you will find opposition to it being served. That is of course no excuse for not having it available for pupils. 

    • Philip, the Qu’ran 2:173 states “He has forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah. BUT whoever is forced by necessity there is NO SIN UPON HIM.

      Well now, I think we could agree that it necessary for children to eat. And, you know with the UK being a NON ISLAMIC state, one would have to expect that the Muslims cannot get all their demands met. And, if they’re so opposed to the idea of not getting halal meat, then they can go back to whence they came from.

      Have you ever thought that the majority of people do not want to eat halal anything? Yet, Muslims are quite happy to have it shoved down our throats.


      •  What muslims? I am actually quite happy to eat halal meat because I am not ignorant also it is better quality then the stuff from supermarkets.

        •  Where are you from, Philip? I am from Australia, it’s estimated 2/3 of chicken and lamb meat and over 1/2 of the beef in Australian shops and supermarkets is halal. What makes it worse is that our two major supermarket chains refuse to label it whether it’s halal or not.

          Philip, Halal is about religious ritual in relation to meat products. It has NOTHING to do with the quality of the meat. The rumour that halal means ‘better’ meat is an absolute lie.

          Also, it is not just our meat; it is hundreds of products that on the shelves that have “halal certification” these products we purchase FUND Islamic organisations. It is a HUGE money making business and customers are unwitting accomplices as so many people do not know about it.

          I don’t know if you know anything about Islam, but I do. And, I sure as hell do not want to be contributing to their organisations, so they can further strive to implement Sharia Law. It disgusts me that choice is getting taken away from us. I’m sick of the shitty soft goverment too scared to be labelled “racist” to stand up and say no. It’s not “racism” Islam is NOT a race.

          Ahhh, I have just seen your picture of the Palestine flag. I’m assuming you’re a Palestinian  living in England? In any case, I’m betting you know about Islam.  I’m not ignorant, Philip, just very aware of what is going on, and I am not afraid to voice my opinion.

          • No, I am a white British male that is sick of bullies and xenophobes bullying Islam because their own lives are so miniscule and pointless. Pretty much everything you typed is ignorance through fear that I am not going to sit here picking apart because it is clearly not going to get through to you!!!! All I am going to say is educate yourself, please god just educate yourself!!

          • I HAVE educated myself, Philip. Maybe you should read the trilogy, then get back to me. If you are what you say, “a British white male” (that happens to have a Palestinian flag as an avatar) then, I suggest you look at the deterioration of your own countries state as we speak. Look at the “no go Zones” implemented there.

            The people of the world are starting to rise up, whether you like it or not. I will not stop either, I will continue to network, sign petitions, rally, protest and inform the unknowing on Islam. You call me ignorant because I’m taking a stand for FREEDOM, yet you’re cowardly running along with the “bullies and xenophobe card”.

            Life is not peaches and cream, mate. Some things in life you have to fight for.

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