International Olympics Committee threatens India of disaffiliation

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New Delhi: The International Olympic Committee on Friday warns Indian Olympic Association to cancel India’s membership if the national sports body follows government guidelines and did not conduct elections as per the Olympic charter.

The ban threat has prompted the IOA acting chief to seek out Prime Minister’s intervention to resolve the matter.

The IOC and Olympic Council of Asia sent a strong worded letter to IOA warning the federation to clarify its stand on the issue by November 30 or it will face strong action.

 The IOC President Chief Jacques Rogge and OCA chief Al Sabah said in a joint letter, “it is our understanding that IOA is unable to confirm that IOA’s elections will be held strictly in accordance with rules of Olympic Charter and IOA’s constitution currently in force. On the contrary, it is mentioned that the government regulations shall apply for IOA’s elections, thus ignoring the Olympic Charter and IOA’s constitution.”

The controversy continues to build up as the IOA has been directed by a Delhi court to stage elections according to the government’s sports code, while the IOC wants the federation to abide by the Olympic charter that favours autonomy.

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