Google Pakistan defaced by Turkish hacker group

Karachi: Pakistani users on Saturday face unexpected hurdle to make access and use as it has been reported by several sources that the search engine has been hacked by a group of Turkish hackers.    

According to sources, the Turkish hackers seeped into the websites of Google Pakistan and Microsoft Pakistan, defacing it on Saturday morning.

The hackers removed the Google logo and search bar, changing it with an image of two penguins walking on a bridge adding a message in Turkish. An English translation of which reads, “Eboz of a friend always there for me. My homies have not shot by me with every breath.”

The hackers also added the words, “Pakistan Downed,” which most likely means the Pakistan home page has been taken down.

But Google is still quite about the issue why its Pakistan edition has been hacked, by whom and from where.

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  6. Abdulsamadk7 said:

    yaya jeo pakistan yahoooooooooooooooo
    consulagation any body like my coment m i give my moble number plzzzzzzzzz
    tell me…
    inshallah i hake facebook.. you kenow i wana hake facebook becuse my frnd see beutiful girls and go wash room and put up and put up……..

  7. Abdullah said:

    Congratz, is back again. visit now its working as usual.

    Want to know how was hacked, Read this article

    • Cp said:

       it is a protest response to genocide of shia Muslims that I taking place by sunny muslim terrorists of Pakistan.

  8. Njj said:

    It sounds like a silly prank. The translation is off. There is nothing about shooting in the message

  9. System Server Pakistan said: also hacked with more information on defaced page….