73 doctors removed from service in Quetta


Quetta: Balochistan government has removed from service 73 doctors for their refusal to end their strike against the security threats to medical professionals in the province.

The government has also stopped those indicted in police FIR from going abroad and issuance of salaries to them. Moreover, educational degrees of professors and consultants participating in the protests are being scrutinized for falsity.

Government took this action after continuously warning the doctors to end protest, with the former announcing to discontinue services even on 9th and 10th Muharram-ul-Haram.


  1. shame on goveranament for not providing safty to their emplyment and resent act as mention sadiq umrani that cm is involved sham sham……………..

  2. Shame on you Balochistan government for removing the 73 doctors – you should resign, when you cannot provide adequate law and order to safe guard human lives and property , and when people take action whether they are doctors or street sweepers the government “punishes” them-what sort of government of an uncivilized country is this,- where human rights are not protected and life has no value? Those of you who make such decisions travel in your motorcades and bullet proof cars – shame on you.You have been elected by the people , for the people , to serve the people- but the only people you serve are yourselves