New idea of halting militancy: UK’s Lord Gilbert suggests govt to drop neutron bomb on Pak-Afghan border


London: Britain’s House of Lords member Lord Gilbert on Friday advised his government to drop a neutron bomb in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, in order to eliminate the safe heavens of militant outfits.

During a debate over eliminating nukes across the world, the member of the upper house of the UK’s parliament said that the borders could be made safe after dropping ERRB warheads commonly known as neutron bombs in the respective areas.

“Your Lordships may say that this is impractical, but nobody lives up in the mountains on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan except for a few goats and a handful of people herding them. If you told them that some ERRB warheads were going to be dropped there and that it would be a very unpleasant place to go, they would not go there. You would greatly reduce your problem of protecting those borders from infiltration from one side or another.”

Neutron bomb explosion

According to reports, the members of the House of Lords were shocked after listening to an unexpected speech from Gilbert. The parliament members heavily criticized Gilbert and rejected his suggestion saying that it was not possible to drop a bomb in the Pak-Afghan border areas.

Labour former defence secretary Lord Browne of Ladyton rounded on Lord Gilbert over his remarks, accusing him of being at his “most challenging and contrarian”.

Cabinet Office spokesman Lord Wallace of Saltaire said the Government did not share Lord Gilbert’s “rumbustious” views on the sensitive issue. “The UK retains a firm commitment to the long-term goal of a world without nuclear weapons,” he said. “Our aim is to build an international environment in which no state feels the need to possess nuclear weapons – an environment that will allow nuclear states to disarm in a balanced and verifiable manner.”

It is to be mentioned here that Taliban and al-Qaeda militants have been using the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan as safe heavens to launch attacks on US, Nato and Afghan forces in Afghanistan and on Pakistani law enforcing authorities inside Pakistan.


  1. British lord suggestion is CRAZY, doesnt he know lots of plant life doesnt grow, new species will develop, 


  2. I think Gilbert’s comment was a declaration of nuclear war against Pakistan.

    Does this man speak on behalf of the British government? Has Cameron rejected the proposal?

    Should we as British people prepare for a pre-emptive strike from countries our authorities threaten?

  3. what can you say about scum like this – the real fear is that there are many psychopathic members of the corrupt British power elite who would entirely agree with such a sick war crime

  4. looks like they may drop it on our heads first, as soon as some screwed up Jihadist group gets their hands on nukes we are toasted my Western friends

  5. How about the Neutron Bomb for the world’s oldest and the biggest terrorist regime in the history of mankind. Britain alone has decimated Africa, Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, and all those countries where this criminal kabal has put their evil feet on. Let’s wipe out the filthy garbage called UK… the biggest satanic evil doer!

  6. Hasn’t Lord Gilbert heard? The BBC officially acknowledged that Al Qaeda do not exist. 

    Hilary Clinton has stated that the Taliban were trained and funded by the US to fight Russia, and that they went their own way and that the Al Qaeda similarly are an offshoot of the Taliban who also went their own way. But we saw clear evidence in Libya of Al Qaeda fighting alongside NATO troops, and that Al Qaeda is also involved in Syria in the fake ‘Arab Spring’ so-called ‘revolutions’. 

    The truth is rather that Al Qaeda are merely mercenaries working for Zionist interests, performing false-flag attacks that can then be used to justify NATO invading any Arab or Muslim country that it desires. 

    Besides that, we have no business in Afghanistan  see the film ‘911missinglinks’ to see that the Mossad did 9/11 using Bin Laden as a patsy, though he himself never admitted responsibility for 9/11, and the FBI said he has never been wanted for that either. 

    9/11 was a false flag to gee up public opinion for attacks on the Muslim world on behalf of Israel, whose agents control most western governments. British Jew PM David Cameron went to Afghanistan, and was featured on TV addressing all the troops, saying, “This is what we are here for lads, 9/11.” What a liar.

    The British 7/7 attacks in London were similar false flag attacks carried out by Israeli and British Jewish sympathetic intelligence agencies to gee up public opinion to attack Iraq and Afghanistan also. But no-one has the guts to challenge these mass murderers and force them to pull the troops out of Afghanistan and so on. We would lose all the heroin production, and Queen Victoria’s opium wars can never be allowed to cease, and the whip is made to crack to maintain production, and even vastly increase it.  The whole country um’s and ah’s at these blatant truths, but the British government is a dictatorship, completely unaccountable to the electorate; it serves only itself and members of it’s own class, or should I say tribe.

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  8.  Great Idea!  It’s not like that’s arguably a war crime that would cause tons of collateral damage and likely escalate things even further, or anything!

  9. So flying a aiplane(that being the equivelent of a rocket) into a tower is considered terrorism but dropping a nuclear bomb on a starving opressed cointry that may as well be considered a concentration camp is normal? Am I the only human being with a brain on this fucking rock?

  10. great idea drop a neutron bomb to hide the lie of the mini neutron bombs used on 9/11 to bring the towers down and create the hutchinson effect.

    the circle would then be complete.  what to do with all the heroin profits guvnah.

    • …neutron bombs couldn’t demolish a building, stupid.

      or rather, they could, but you’d give everyone for miles around severe radiation poisoning and leave enoguh evidence it was a neutron bomb that you’d never be able to cover up what you did.

  11.  It’ll not eliminate militancy but for sure ‘ll ignite the militancy at very large scale, militancy is due to presence of foreign troops in the area.