Chairman NADRA unveils Pension Disbursement and Biometric Teachers Attendance initiatives


Karachi: NADRA has worked on a comprehensive mechanism to facilitate pensioners by issuing them biometrics Smart Cards so that they could withdraw their pension from any biometrics enabled platform used by Banks, Post Offices and any other alternate channel.

The proposed system comprises of three main elements starting from the collection of pensioner’s data to eliminate duplication and ghost pensioners, issuance of Smart Identity Cards and then the deployment of Pension Disbursement system to be utilized by all disbursing partner entities.

The Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik said in a statement issued here “The key features of the program include Biometric Authentication through utilization of Smart Card, Automation of pension disbursement system to provide real time feedback andMobility options to pensioners to withdraw their pension from banks, post offices or other allied alternate channels. It was suggested that more automation options shall be considered inorder to draw amount from any outlet not necessary where the account is”.

The Chairman had also briefed the President over Pension Disbursement and Biometric Teachers Attendance initiatives. He said while analyzing pensioner’s data 75% pensioner’s data is not linked with valid and verifiable identity which might result in massive duplication. He further briefed that all the technology components are fully developed by NADRA, tested and ready for deployment.

Mr. Malik said NADRA is also working on biometrics teachers’ attendance initiative. Giving details about the progress on biometric teachers’ attendance he said NADRA has designed a solution which will ensure attendance through Biometrics using GPRS based devices which will be provided to every school. However the President has instructed the Chairman to link the attendance data with the payroll data to ensure that only those attending schools are paid through the national exchequer.