Astaghfaar show may cost Rs. 60 Crore to Veena Malik

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Lahore: Most of you know Veena Malik’s Astaghfaar Show in last Ramadan, a controversial move by controversial Pakistan-origin Bollywood actress.

Everyone who heard this news was amazed to know that Veena Malik, a top controversial artist of Indo-Pak region, will do Astaghfaar show  on Hero TV channel.

Now a person from Lahore has filed a lawsuit of Rs. 600 million against the actresses claiming she had disgraced Islamic values and culture through this program.

The religious programs on TV channels are becoming platform of controversial actors and actress who know nothing about religion but doing acting on television scree—a totally hypocritical way, some critics view.

But we have to wait for stance of Veena in the court, a session court in Lahore, regarding her act in the show.

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2 Responses to " Astaghfaar show may cost Rs. 60 Crore to Veena Malik "

  1. Angel says:

    Agree with Fareed

  2. Fareed Kapadia says:

    Just another way of making easy money by exploiting the religion. People of Pakistan need to understand that whatever she does in Bollywood is strictly her choice.
    And they should just take a preview of Lollywood movies. They’re more vulgar than bollywood movies.

    Secondly, if he felt so offended by her show, why watch it in the first place??

    Such hypocrites!!

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