‘I would love to work with Hrithik Roshan’: Kristen Stewart

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‘I would love to work with Hrithik Roshan’: Kristen Stewart

Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart has said, “I would love to work in a Bollywood film. I would love to work with Hrithik Roshan” if someone offered her a good script.

“He is such a wonderful actor and so good-looking,” Stewart said of Hrithik in a statement.

“In fact, if I have a boy, I would want him to look like Hrithik Roshan, but with Rob’s (her real-life boyfriend and on-screen husband) eyes,” she said, according to a PTI report.

There was a buzz in B-town some two years back that filmmaker Shekhar Kapur wanted to cast ‘Twilight’ in his ambitious project ‘Paani’ opposite Hrithik.

Kristen, who shot to fame playing Bella Swan in Twilight and its sequel ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’, ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’, ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ is looking forward to the release of ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′.

“Bella as a character has received a lot of criticism for being a throwback heroine, because she sacrifices so much for her man. I strongly disagree. In fact, you have someone who is stronger than the guy she is with, emotionally,” she said.

On playing an 18-year-old mother to a six-year-old child in ‘The Twilight Saga’, she said, “That is something I’m going to miss the most. I did not realise I had such a strong maternal instinct until I played mother to Mackenzie (Renesme). It was surreal.”

Ask her when she realised that ‘Twilight’ series has changed her life, Kristen says, “‘Twilight’ changed my daily life instantly. I was no one (before the film released). I was a kid. I had just turned 18. The day the movie came out in the tabloids, the next day there were images of me.”

Directed by Bill Condon ‘Breaking Dawn 2′ stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in the lead roles. The film releases on November 23.

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