Effective Measure calls for tighter industry self-regulation


Islamabad: The online audience measurement sector has evolved rapidly over a short period of time, particularly in the high digital growth zones of the emerging markets.

Effective Measure has been at the forefront of the changes affecting digital publishing globally and locally and our platform is based on providing the validity and transparency required to maintain a robust and competitive industry.

Typically, in times of accelerated growth, closer scrutiny needs to be maintained to ensure that there is a level playing field for all parties. In emerging digital markets, where there is no regulator or industry body policing the market it is up to key industry players to be vigilant in standards of self-regulation.

According to Web analytic company’s official release “at Effective Measure, our data insights allow us to see the trends emerging in the industry and also give us an overarching view of pitfalls and measurement mistakes that publishers may inadvertently make.”

It has come to our attention that some publishers have practices in place that may cause misleading measurement results.

In light of this Effective Measure has embarked on a full industry audit to ensure that tagging is being used correctly.

Among the key issues of concern is the practice of counting multiple page impressions through the use of a second tracking tag, to boost audience figures or the re-direction of tags from one site to another.

The aim of our audit is to ensure that our market measurement is the most vigilant in terms of accuracy and independent reporting and that all our publisher members avoid the pitfalls that many developed digital markets have already experienced.

Effective Measure strictly prohibits the misuse of our tag and if we find it necessary will impose a ban on any publisher that has committed a tagging infringement for up to six months” Company claimed in its media release.