Reema becomes grandmother

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Lahore: Famous film actress Reema has became grandmother as deer at Lahore Zoo, adopted by her, gave birth to a baby yesterday in the zoo.

On 19th February 2011 Reema had adopted two deer and was nominated as the ambassador of the zoo. The deer yesterday gave birth to a baby deer.

According to Zoo authorities, anyone who adopts an animal from the zoo has to pay for at least one year.

However, Reema never pays Rs 40,000 that she owes the Zoo. Instead Reema has threatened some time back to sue Zoo authorities for demanding the money.

The authorities claimed the Zoo administration reserves the right to take legal action against the filmstar for not paying for the upkeep of two deer she had adopted.

“Reema never performed her duties as ambassador regarding raising awareness about animal rights and protection,” Express Tribune quoted authorities as saying added.

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