Cristiano Ronaldo donates ‘Golden Boot’ worth €1.5 million to Palestinian children

London: Real Madrid iconic forward Cristiano Ronaldo has donated €1.5 million to Palestinian children in Gaza, the Arabic version of the club’s Classico network reports.

The star forward gave his Golden Boot which he earned in 2011 to the Real Madrid foundation, reports. The Spanish giants in their turn sold it at auction and will now donate the funds to schools in Gaza, Palestine.

According to various reports, the Real Madrid Foundation has helped to build 167 schools in 66 different countries.

Real Madrid Foundation (FRM) had recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Aman Foundation at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid under which they will establish two sports schools in Pakistan.

No confirmation has come yet from Ronaldo’s official Twitter handle or from Real Madrid’s official site but it’s not the first time Ronaldo has given to charity. Last year he sold most of his sports shoes at a Real Madrid Foundation auction which was also dedicated to raising funds for schools in Gaza.

Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in history after moving from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a transfer worth €93.9 million. © TheNewsTribe

Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in history after moving from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a transfer worth €93.9 million. In addition, his contract with Real Madrid, in which he is paid €12 million per year, makes him one of the highest-paid footballers in the world.


  1. He I a good man god will bless him with gifts subhan Allah

  2. Im a muslim and first of all there are many people who have been brainwashed with hardcore islamic beliefs who believe in the notion that one can only do good, if one is a muslim. This is wrong. Anyone from any religion can do noble deeds. And stop preaching like this, you are only making islam look bad.

  3. Salute to Ronaldo ^_^

  4. he didnt donated his golden boot -_- he sold his football shoes hahahahahahaha

  5. sahereh sahand abadi

    Good for him.He shows his humanity.It doesnt matter they are Muslim or Jewish,he supported the poor.This is the right way.

  6. Ronaldo is a leader and im a muslim and there is no need to say guide him towards islam etc offense but its time to admit that many muslims should be like Ronaldo …Portuguese have got a great leader .. We love You CRISTIANO…

  7. Wow, didn’t know about this until lately. Good on him. I may not like his swagger but this is a good attitude to take and I respect him all the more for it.

  8.  Allah guide him to Islam . Ameen

  9. If only he was a muslim i would have seen him in jannah in sha allah. May all mankind go to jannah.

    • insha alla

    • sahereh sahand abadi

      It doesnt depend on the religion or nationality,All of mankind can go to Jannah,and to be good doesnt need Jannah.He did it just for the humans,doesnt matter they could be Jewish,all humans need sympathy my good friend,think it in a new way

  10. This is really awesome, thanks to Real and Ronaldo for this great gesture of humanity.

  11. now this great footballer has shown us that he is a good human being too

  12. If ALLAH guides him then no one can stop him. Inshaallah he will accept Islam 

    • y does he need to accept islam to do a kind deed?

      • bro.. its quite natural.. for any muslim to react like the above.. because they wish.. that he(ronaldo) may get reward for his act in the heavens rather than the blazing hell fire/hell
        you may ask how a persn can actually gets rewarded in the hell…
        every act of the mankind is recorded… and will be questioned… for a disbelievers good act.. the reward is given either in this world itsef or in the hell by giving lesser punishments… its with allaah.. no one knows what he has willed.. coz we have hadeeth which mentions… some of th family members of prophet Muhammed peace be upon him are not entering jannah just for not bearing witness that Allah is the one and only and Muhammed pbuh is the messenger…

        • So if he remains a Christian (as he is), he will burn in hell despite any such good deeds he undertakes? Really??? Come on, if someone lives a good life with good morals and ethics then they will go to heaven, it does not matter if they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or whatever. Leave Ronaldo alone and allow him to practice his religion in peace.

        • So if he remains a Christian (as he is), he will burn in hell despite any such good deeds he undertakes? Really??? Come on, if someone lives a good life with good morals and ethics then they will go to heaven, it does not matter if they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or whatever. Leave Ronaldo alone and allow him to practice his religion in peace.

        • im muslim and thats not the right way to say what u just said . who are you to judge ?are u god ? . everyone has his on religion no one knows whos going to hell and who’s going 2 heaven . and stop acting like an idiot and grow up and btw people who hates islam . hates it cuz theres people like u that destroy our religion and what prophet muhammed peace be upon him taught us so plz shut up .and btw ronaldo didnt donated his golden boot

  13. I salut the courage and the sense of humar of the great foot ball player
    Christiano Ronaldo that he felt the pain of the innocent children of Gaza.

  14. Really good and unexpected by Ronaldo,
    only if its true though

  15. If this is true then my views on Ronaldo have just gone up by one million fold….
    Nice one Ronaldo…
    If no what a crap hoax….

  16. What a bullshit! This animals also photoshop his “Todo con Lorca” to “todos con Palestin” hahahahahahah such zeros!

  17. if Cristiano really done this act , he is a good man and have great human feelings.because children don have any crime and Cristiano understand it.
    thanks Cristiano

  18. My Favorite u always cr

  19. Allah guide him to Islam. Ameeen…

    •  He doesnt need to follow ISLAM to do an act of GOODWILL, there is only one GOD whether it comes from a muslim, christian, sikh, hindu, other religions – people need to stop preaching about whom they should follow and just see the goodness in others and let them continue doing that.

      • I guess u dont really understand the significance of being a Muslim ……….. off course God said he’s going to provide for all of his mankind, either good or bad, but the best among all is the Muslim….He is blessed in both here and the hereafter. Not  that Christians don’t worship the same God, but it’s an act of blasphemy to claim Jesus is the begotten son of God rather God does not begot a son nor is he begotten ……..He surpasses that stage to begot a son , cause he is the “ALMIGHTY” ….. to begot a someone is an animal act of the highest order….that is where we have problems with our fellow christian brothers and sisters , not a sign of hate…..u deeg!!!  

        • Then there are Taliban who kill many innocent people in Pakistan and announce as if they did a great service to Islam. Will they go to Janet and this Guy will not. I don’t believe it. I am Muslim too, so think without any bias. 

          • Well guess who killed 300,000 innocent peoples in Japan ;)and guess who killed 50,000,000 people in Europe 😉

          • Mohammed's Boner

            Oh okay so Muslims must be the best since they are allowed to treat women like complete and utter shit and Mohammed was a tacky rip off. Religion is stupid and you are all a disgrace to the human race.

        • Who are you to judge and say what is blasphemy??? people have their faith, doesn’t mean you need to preach it. Not your job

          • faiz its not judging its a simple part of our belief, if your done your research, and took the time out to seek obligatory knowledge, you would know what the christians and jews say its blasphemous in every way, its not judging its simple knowledge, nobodys trying to offend noone, end of the day christians say our prophet muhammad sallilahu wa alayhi wa sallam isnt a prophet…..? is this not blasphemy at a dangerously high level? they say god has 3 different forms, one of them being human…….Is this not blashemy, brother i encourage you to learn. In sha Allah you will seek the obligatory knowledge for every Muslim brother and sister. assalamu alaikum

        • I completely disagree with this comment. Your lack of respect for Christianity is disgusting. People have different beliefs, respect that. You believe in things that I don’t believe in, and I believe in things that you don’t believe in, but don’t come here preaching, calling us blasphemous and using sentences such as “an animal act of the highest order”. Have some respect for other people’s beliefs, just as you would expect people others to respect yours.

          • remember in our religion islam we respect and believe in jesus , moses the same as mohamed , difeerent then christianity and jews , ask any muslim and he will respond this then if its no then he is not been considered as muslim

    • Exactly he does not need to follow Islam to be a good Human being! I hate him as a footballer for his Manchester United days as human being he is awesome! Much respect to the guy!

      • nobody sayin you need to follow islam to be good, so your points invalid, end of the day there is no harm is someone asking god to guide him to islam, as a muslim we encourage people to be muslim, i dont mean shout and force it down peoples throats, but somebody mentioning it on here isnt exaclty preaching, i think people like you show hate towards what muslims do, just because you dont want to listen or believe, dont mean everyone thinks like that, and if they did then islam would be the largest growing religion in the world. I ask Allah to guide you to Islam one day, have a good day.


  21. False

  22. We Salute u Ronaldo, you make us proud.

  23. حكام المسلمين …. اتفوووه !!!
    What about the Arabs and the leaders the claim to be Muslims, they sold and stole their people so they can enjoy living large???

  24. Fake news ! explanation here

  25. so great act of  Cristiano Ronaldo 

  26. this is not true … there is no proof to such rumor … please provide an official source

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