Woman gets divorce from grave


New York: A 75-year-old woman in New York was still mourning the death of her husband when she came to know that her husband had actually divorced her in secret about eight years before his death.

The couple were married for more than three decades. The woman found the divorce papers when she was going through her husband’s personal files after he passed away of natural causes in February 2011. She read that he had divorced her for ‘abandoning’ him way back in 2002, Emirates 24/7 reports.

The husband had won the uncontested divorce after claiming that his wife had deserted him over financial issues. The man had even furnished papers of the place where she was supposed to have moved to after deserting him.

The widow had to hire a lawyer to prove to court that the address furnished was fake and did not exist at all.

The man threw his wife out of his life legally so his children from an earlier relationship could inherit all his wealth.

However, the widow managed to convince the court and it ruled the divorce fraudulent and she ordered she be given not only his life insurance payment but also the pension payout.

Photo Courtesy: colo-divorce.com