Mountain expeditions get more simplified


Amsterdam: Scaling mountains has always appealed humans but getting down the other side is always a problem. A Holland company came up with a solution and designed ‘Bergmonch’. 

The company known as KOGA has designed a new gear for mountain hikes. It’s a rucksack and a bike called Bergmonch which has made the tiresome expeditions much easier.

‘Bergmonch’ is a rucksack and scooter, which allows you to easily glide downhill in either a standing or kneeling position.

The manufacturers say the upright riding position and different sized wheels ensure perfect handling and safety as you wind your way down.

The scooter can also be repacked within minutes into the 9 Kg rucksack

The Bergmonch, which means ‘Mountain Monk’, can be used on mountain bike tracks and paths, as well as smoother roads. It is perfectly capable of covering large distances effortlessly.