I want to reach level where I’m able to play everything: Shahbaz Asad


He is drummer of a band called ‘Saturn The Band’ from Islamabad. The band’s influences include Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Symphony X, Children of Bodom and Slayer. While talking to The News Tribe (TNT), he was like:

The News Tribe: How would you define yourself as an artist?

Shahbaz: I am passionate, hardworking and receptive

TNT: What’s your inspiration?

Shahbaz: They are Gavin Harrison, Mike Portnoy and Benny Greb.

TNT: Share your experience of working with different musicians.

Shahbaz: I’ve been playing with different bands and it has always been fun to jam with new people. You learn a lot and get more experience which helps you to become a better musician.

TNT: Share a few lines on local music scene. What are some of the few things Pakistani music industry need to get rid off?

Shahbaz: There has been a big decline in the music scene since the past few years and it’s getting worse. We have a great deal of talent which is just going to a waste because they hardly get to perform live or watch their favorite bands play. In order to keep the music scene alive we should have concerts more often, promote our local bands on TV and give opportunities to new bands to play.

TNT: Tell something about your music training.

Shahbaz: To be honest, I’ve been doing everything on my own so far. When I started playing drums, I had no one to guide me, no drummer friend and there was no you tube even at that time. I worked my way through excessive reading, interpreting drums in literally every song I heard, and then replicating.

TNT: What is your biggest wish as an artist?

Shahbaz: I want to reach a level where I’m able to play everything. I could think of in different styles of music.

TNT: What was the most memorable moment of your life?

Shahbaz: One of the most memorable moments in my life would be the gig we had with Noori and Jal in 2008 at PNCA. The sound was amazing, the crowd was very energetic, and everything was just perfect.

TNT: Do love performing solo or in a band?

Shahbaz: In a band, off course.

TNT: Tell about your song and video? What message does it reflect?

Shahbaz: Pakistan is going through a really tough time; we wanted to come up with something which can be a source of motivation for everyone to do something Kuch Khaas, as the song says “kuch khaas hum hain, kuch khaas ab hum karein”.

TNT: Lastly what is your message?

Shahbaz: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, do as much as you can and never give up on your dreams.