Pakistan to open YouTube soon: Rehman Malik

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Pakistan to open YouTube soon: Rehman Malik

Islamabad: Pakistan Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Thursday that the government would soon unblock YouTube after blocking blasphemous content.

Earlier, he claimed the youth was stressing him to open the video sharing website.

While talking to press, Malik said the government would ban sales of mobile SIMs on shops, and instead they would be sent to user’s home.

“Satellite phones are being misused, and we will not allow anyone to use them without registering them from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA),” Malik told press.

The federal minister said security officials had identified sensitive areas regarding Moharram. But he declined to give details.

He further said that CCTV cameras and helicopters would be used for monitoring.

While assuring the security of rallies in Moharram, he said additional force would also be deployed at Mosques and Imambargahs.

Malik appealed Sunni and Shia communities to remain calm and be aware of miscreants.

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31 Responses to " Pakistan to open YouTube soon: Rehman Malik "

  1. Xalman Khan says:

    Plz plz plz plz plz open youtube,i downloaded spotflux,hotspot,i even unblocked youtube by that,but i didn’t watched that movie,plz,open youtube,plz plz plz,,,,people u want to watch youtube?well then download spotflux or hotspot shield!!!tested,100% working

  2. juwairia says:

    plz open youtube

  3. Nicefrnd_66 says:

    rehman shab plz youtube open karde us film ko remove karke im big fan you

  4. Ali says:

    in shah Allah movie will remove then youtube will reopen

  5. Falak_cute04 says:

    you just need to remove the movie not to band youtube…..

  6. khushal says:

    you tube must not be opened until the videos against islam are not removed plzzzzzzzzzz

    • Xalman Khan says:

      OOOHHH GOD when will they be removed?we won’t watch those videos,hum muslim nahi hogay ager humnay woh movie daikhey we promise,jis nay woh movie daikhe us per allah laanat bhaijay ga!

  7. Adnan Masroor says:

     I think, as Google being an international media and head of YouTube must
    give some respect to the Muslim of Pakistan and must signed an
    agreement with government against blasphemy to prove themselves as the
    leader of Internet media to make the world a super fine Global Village.
    If Google exclude a big Pakistani nation, it shows their narrow
    mindedness. So please behave like a king………….

  8. Mb Baba says:

    youtube must be open and   I  hope  the  movie  that  was  creat  against  our  prophet  muhammad (PBUH)  was  remove  from youtube

  9. FAIQJAFFY says:


  10. alicheema says:

    wese youtube band karne ka koi faida to tha nahi.logon ne to youtube kholne ke bhut tariqe dhond liye liye PTA ko chahiye ke youtube open karde

  11. Kaleemullah1000 says:

    pleaze open you tube pakistan

  12. ATIF KHAN says:

    its stupid blocking YouTube In Pakistan when google already block the content in  some of Muslims countries include Pakistan, who protest against  that movie of PBUH

  13. Zohaib Khaskheli says:

    pleaze open youtube pakistan

  14. Touseefahmedkhan261n says:

    plz open the muslim hua to wo movie ko open hi nahi kry ga

  15. Rizwan Khan says:

     04-12-2012 Tuesday
    Pakistan Main Youtube Mazeed 2 Months Blocked Rahe Gi.
    So Youtube Open Karne K Liye Contact Karin.

    Mr Rizwan -  03152405552

  16. princekhan says:

    Youtube off krne se movie delete ni honi frends.. wo to apna kam kr rhe hain…. so plz youtube open kre or movie ko pakistan mein block kr dein…. mere asigments form youtube pe upload kie jate hain plz open it 

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  18. Syed Imran says:

    want to open Youtube directly without any installation then contact with me 0315-2405552

  19. Web CostCutter says:

    Excellent. Well done uncle Rehman Malik.
    Please don’t listen to what Talibnised people say.
    I am a big fan of Youtube.
    Thank you very much for opening Youtube.

  20. Abbas says:

    good one malik for unblocking You Tube – once again pakistanis will be able to watch the clip 
    “Rehman Malik Reciting Surah Ikhlas”.
    As to the Moharram security arrangements you issued the same sort of statement last year and yet there were attacks on Shias – somehow one gets the feeling you and altaf are the instigators of sectarian violence as said by ”Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Thursday said Interior Minister Rehman Malik is a foreign agent and he is responsible for deteriorating law and order situation in Karachi”. So malik don’t try to fool people with your dishonest statements as you are well known to do so.As they say you have got to be a bigger fool to fool .

  21. fairy says:

    i  hope  youtube  wiil  come soon  and  i  hope  the  movie  that  was  creat  against  our  prophet  muhammad (PBUH)  was  remove  from youtube  INSHALLAH  youtube  will  come  soon 

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