Imran vs Nawaz in NA-123: PTI’s election strategy for Lahore made

Lahore: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf chairman Iman Khan will contest against Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz president Mian Nawaz Sharif in upcoming elections, party sources revealed.

This contest is a part of comprehensive plan of PTI’s think tank to sweep elections from all Lahore constituencies against PML (N), Daily Dunya reported.

PTI has seen a major surge in Punjab province and other parts of the country since October 2011. PML (N), considered to be the major party of Punjab, faces a serious threat from newly emerged party though its leaders claim they have no threat from PTI.

According to the PTI plan, Imran Khan will face Nawaz Sharif in the general elections from Lahore while Javed Hashmi, PTI president, will also be contesting from the political capital of South Asian nuclear state.

“PTI’s think tank has compiled a list candidates who would be contesting from Lahore’s 13 seats of national assembly and 26 seats of provincial assembly,” the sources added.

“Imran Khan is likely to contest from NA-123 while Hashmi will contest from NA-118.”

As per plan, 5,000 to 6,000 youths will be made active in every constituency to make voters active. Similarly a central secretariat of PTI has been planned for which architectural process has already been completed.


  1. A brave decision by PTI – Its not between Khan Tiger and Noora Tiger. It is Between a thief rat and a true tiger. No one should vote for someone with Zero tempament, Zero Talent and 100% Nonsense. PML have ruled in our country for many years but they have given us nothing but hunger, poorty. Look at the queues outside Passport offices of Pakistan and you will see people are crazy to leave this country.

  2. imran will win ye youth ke lie lap awam ke paise se ai ha na k nawaz ke baap k paiso se

  3. inshallah nawaz sharif will beat imran.imran khan sirf cricket khel skta hai siasat us k bas ki bat nahi



  6. Imrankhan is the only hope left. I will vote for him in the coming elecs.

  7. vote PTI vote for CHANGE !

  8. INSHALLAH PMLN will win ……………….
    while ZAKAT CHOOR will loose………….

  9. oooh people of pakistan……………..try imran, he is faithful with pakistan. Please try new leadership this time and awake the luck of pakistan and it masses.

  10. thanks to Allah Imran decided to stand against Mian Sahib n inshallaha Punjabi n Lahoris fuck this asshole bondi niazi in the contest with huge margin and after that imran  ko Mian sahib k susu main naak dabo ker mar jana ho ga

  11. ganja nawaz will leave rawind now

  12. ab tera kia ho ga kalia…..noora tu tension say hi mar jaye ga aur chota shoda bandron ki tarah nachay ga ……..go IK go…….

  13. in shaa  ALLAH  imran khan win election

  14. Inshallah PTI will clena sweep in whole punjab province. PTI having 11 Million (1 karor 10 lakh) registered workers in Pakistan. After that the millions of people who are also supporter of PTI but they does not having access to Internet to get regestered himself as PTI worker and a large number of government servents, house wives, students, labours, businessmen etc are also supporting PTI. Imran Khan is patriatic person and we pray for his long life, properity and longivity.

  15. imran khan is true leader

  16. IK will never contest from NA 123…. another U-turn in process….


  18. Ganja Harega InshAllah 50 hazar votes se !

  19. PTI will also beat MQM, ANP and PPP in Karachi inshAllah

  20. kadam barhao imran khan hum aapke saath hain INSHALLAH kamyabi aapke kadam choomegi

  21. IF WE SEE THE PERFORMANCE IN THE LAST 4 YEARS PTI’s soul earning is blame game while PMLN remained busy in its developmental projects (specially for youth) of which PTI supporters are obviously scared saying “they are buying votes”. However putting some harsh statements on print and social media can not make you win a single seat.Winning the hearts of People is the real task for election while making Pakistan a great nation is the required result of Election. Despite of what the supporters of both parties hope and predict one thing is must that it would be a historical MATCH in the political history of Pakistan whose winner is highly expected to take opportunity of making Pakistan a great Nation.

  22. Imran Khan only, Noooooora Nawaz will ozee and lose

  23. Khan we are waiting. We’ll fight. Nawaz sharif cant even come closer to the number you are going to achieve. He is a looser. Allah bless you.

  24. I think PTI is on the steady rise in Lahore after 30th October jalsa and may sweep Lahore in literal sense of the word. PMLN will have a very hard time to stay on their feet once provincial government is dissolved for upcoming elections. 

  25. imran khan ki gand lahore k shair maryngay , ase buri marynagy k aynda kabhe koshish nahe keryga lahore ka nam laynay ki bhe

  26. vot for ppp >>>]
    vot for pmln>>>]
    vot for jui>>>>]
    vot for mqm>>>>]>> vot for crruption + staus co
    vot for anp>>>>]
    vot for pmlq>>>]
    vot for pmlf>>>]

    vot for pti>>>>]>> vot fro change + new pakistan

    what do you want ????

  27. inshAllha by the grace of Allha imran khan will beat nawaz sharif bcz enough is enough if we do again wrong decision we will finish by that kind of vempire 

  28. Nawaz in trouble

  29. You people want to know facts on Lahore??
    Truth is in Lahore among Pml-n Traditional voters a new race have been created who is anti status co they will vote for PTI no matter what..and they are multiplying like virus! dont believe me? Go and ask from Pml-n candidates.

  30. Norra will never get only single vote! InsAllah

  31. May Allah help Imran Khan. Ameen.

  32. Insha Allah… Imran Khan will get a reasonable lead over Nawaz Sharif even after usage of extensive govt machinery for election’s pre-poll rigging.

  33. Motay Noray nay country ko ithna loota hay. Someone crazy will vote nora or zaradari. People who vote guyz like nora sharif and zaradari should be blamed. Guyz come on wake up yaar. Fot the sake of our country. Open your eyes and see the difference. World is gone so ahead and because of leaders like Nora sharif and Zardari we are left behind. One lion fighting alone Imran Khan.


  35. gannja tiger. hahaha. tiger nay ball lawaian hain. nora tiger.

  36. Wont happen, heard IK more interested in 122.

  37. Tiger Nawaz vs Rat Imran. Vow

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